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Jacqueline qualified as a lecturer in 1993, “I believe strongly that it’s important to pass on my knowledge and experience.  To keep it alive down through the generations because I don’t want it lost in the lapse of time.  That’s why I deliver training to my clients, my students of old and those yet to come. Jacksfeet Training has courses for everyone.

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Jacksfeet Training Centre

Let us take a look at  what’s on offer from Jacksfeet Training Centre

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Abdominal Therapy

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I have several one-day courses on offer, based on ‘Your Abdominal Massage’.  To begin with, each course looks at a specific system in the abdomen, we will look at its structure and functions, what can go wrong and why it goes wrong.

For example, Digestion the bowel, we will digest how this work keeps the pipe moving and healthy. Fertility problems we’ll take a look at the uterus and ovaries|testes and prostate under the microscope and explore the structure and how it all works in detail. Because we have looked at the details it’s easier to understand what can go wrong and how this work can help with the problems.
Included in the courses, you’ll learn a traditional Maya Abdominal Massage.  You’ll also learn how the massage works in aiding the specific organs and conditions.  Finally, at the end of the course, you will be able to practice Your Abdominal Massage on yourself.

In conclusion take charge of your own health literally in your own hands!

Jacksfeet Training
JAcksfeet Training
JAcksfeet Training

Jacksfeet Training in Aromatherapy

Three courses available

  1. Our Babies  Aromatherapy for babies
  2. Grandmothers Knowledge Aromatherapy around our homes.  
  3. Aromatherapy for First Aid.

Most importantly we cover using the oils safely, and if there’s a concern, when not to use them.  Incidentally, we only use safe oils.  How can we really help ourselves?  We can learn how to use natures tools!  We cover 15 safe oils and base oils to go with them.

Button for aromatherapy,atherapy for babies
Aromatherapy Granmothers Knowledge
Aromatherapy First Aid


Reflexology Baby Training

Reflexology for babies what a great way to help them during difficult times.  For instance, teething, cholic, constipation.  Learn how to help relieve these symptoms by working the relevant reflexes on your babies feet.  For instance, it’s a great opportunity to do just after having had a bath when getting ready for bed.  If you do baby Reflexology regularly you will help to maintain their health.  Finally, reducing all these teething problems babies have.


Button to facial training

Do you want to know how you can care for your skin on a small budget?  Most importantly on this course, we will establish your skin type, identify problem areas.  Then we will look at natural products that best suit your skin type, and how to use them.  Next, we will make our own natural products.  Finally, I will teach you a simple facial massage, you can perform on yourself.  After that, you will have a ten minutes routine you can use daily.  Using hand made products that your budget can afford.

Reiki Training Levels One, Two and Masters

Reiki training button

Learn this amazing totally non-invasive therapy!  Ust it on the run!  A colleague has back pain, Reiki their back for a few minutes.  Before you know it their pain-free, use it for instance in first aid situations.  Dr Usui believed that everyone in the world should have the ability to use Reiki healing.  On the courses, you will receive your attunements to Reiki energy and have the ability to work with others.

How to book on a Course

  1. Contact me
    • Fill in the application form below and submit it to me
    • Call, text, email. message me
  2. Book on a prearranged course advertised on Ticket source and Facebook below

Please remember if you call and I don’t answer thats because I’m massaging nd unable to take calls, Leave a message and I’ll get back to you.

Cost of the courses

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For a full list of courses and their prices click on the therapies price list.

Once you have booked on the course I will contact you with further details. If you want to pay there are several ways

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Books to read

Rosita Arvigo journey
Dr Usui handbook
Eunice Ingram The stories feet can tell