Baby Reflexology

A baby’s a great addition to our Families, the newborns, they grow and soon become toddlers.  These tender years come with prepacked minor problems.  However, we can get away from them for instance Baby Reflexologyhelps with them all. Examples of ailments it’s good for not sleeping, constipation, cholic, head colds teething and other minor problems.  Baby Reflexology will help you and your baby through these troublesome times.

Introduction to Baby Reflexology

For Mums, Dads, Grandparents and babies.

Baby Reflexology

How does Baby Reflexology work?

Firstly, we only work on the babies feet, therefore perform a non-invasive treatment.  Babies love especially their feet touched.  Make it a game and get them giggling, a contagious activity, everyone’s soon laughing.  

Secondly, it helps with bonding,  it brings you and baby closer together.

Thirdly, a great way to help support the optimum function of their little bodies.  Baby Reflexology helps balance all the systems and organs of the body.

For instance, if the baby becomes constipated and we massage the whole of the digestive tract concentrating in the intestines it helps them to pass their stools. How does this work? The massage helps to increase peristalsis, this is the muscular movement of the intestines that pushes the food along. If it’s sluggish it causes constipation because we form a hard stool, the body takes up water out of the stool in the colon. If the food is moving a little faster it remains softer, the body doesn’t absorb as much water out of the waste making stools easier to pass.

About Baby Reflexology

Baby Reflexology
Baby Reflexology Happy Feet

This one day course will help new mums, dads and grandparents.  Learn how to combat these niggling ailments in a natural noninvasive gentle way.  By the way, this treatment is for parents only, you can’t show anyone else or work on another friends baby.  There’s no professional qualification attached to this course.

Important information

Baby Reflexology
“Do my feet!”

The design of this course covers common complaints that our babies suffer from.  I will explain how gently working the reflexes of the feet can help soothe and relieve these ailments.

Where can I learn Baby Reflexology

In the comfort of your own home
  1. Let’s clarify this, in the comfort of your own home, a friends house.  
  2. If there’s a few of you in a centre where there’s a mothers group.  
  3. At Jacksfeet’s home.
  4. I can hold them anywhere
  5. I have all the equipment needed for teaching and like me it’s mobile
  6. Numbers will determine how far I can travel.

Dates for the Course?

Baby Reflexology
  • At a convenient time for you?
  • Book the course in advance, I will come to you.  
  • You can choose a weekday, weekend day the choice is yours.  
  • During school time, out of school time?
  • Baby will need to come, the siblings can join in, because of its a practical based course.

Booking on Baby Reflexology

I have three ways you can book.

Baby Reflexology
Bring the Baby
  1. First. Submit an application form below, then I can contact you!  Simply ask any questions you have.
    •  Give me a list of dates and times, the venue and number of people interested.  
    • Once we have finalised all this information I can manually book the course.
  2. Second, contact me directly
    • If I have a client with me my phone will be on silent and I’m unable to answer because it would interfere with their treatment.
    • Leave me a message, text, email I will get back to you as soon as I’m free to answer all your questions
    • I can answer all your questions when finished and worked out the details I can book the course manually.
  3. Third, Pre-arranged courses
    • I organise courses and advertise them on social media you can book on one of these if you prefer
    • To book click on the link at the bottom of the page to ticket source

Cost of the Course

Jacksfeet Training Prices

Click on the training prices page for an up to date full list of courses and prices.

  • All course have a non-refundable registration fee That is included in the price  
  • Unable to attend a course and paid. You can do one of two things
    • Transfer the money onto another course at a later date
    • I will refund you minus the deposit
  • If you are booking a non-prebooked course the costs may differ because I have to cover the costs
    • Firstly numbers, there’s a minimum number of students per class.  
    • Next travelling, I need to cover travel expenses and
    • Finally the venue costs.

Supplied for you

Baby Reflexology
  1. Easy to read detailed handouts, for you to keep and make your notes on.
  2.  Products to use during the course.
  3. Equipment needed for the course.
  4. Afterwards, there are course products available for you to buy.  
  5. Help yourself throughout the day to the snacks, hot and cold drinks supplied.  
  6. For lunch, we can share foods.
  7. If you have a special diet please bring your food with you.

What do I need to bring?

Baby Reflexology
  • Especially make sure you have everything baby needs.
  • For yourself, bring pens, pencils, notepaper.  
  • A comfortable pair of shoes/thick socks to wear in the training room.
  • Comfortable clothes you may be working on the floor.  Wear clothes you don’t mind getting oil on.
  • Food to share at lunch if you would like. If you’re on a special diet please bring what you need.

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For Reiki Level 2 you need to have been attuned in Level 1 Reiki
You do not require any prior training to attend these courses. Reiki Level 2 you need to have been attuned in Reiki level 1
You do not require any prior training to attend this course
You do not require any prior training to attend these course
You do not require any prior training to attend these courses. Reki Level 2 you will need to have been attuned to Reiki level 1 first
Suggested dates, Venue address and cost of Venue if any.
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