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Hello, I’m Jacqueline Beswick, founder and therefore owner of Jacksfeet, officially launched in 1992. What’s on offer, I hear you say, there’s a wide range of Therapies and also training, something for everyone.  Because every treatment’s unique, that means there’s even a treatment for YOU! Have a look at what I do, then take time out and try a treatment.

At Jacksfeet we don’t do Treats, we give Treatments

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Part Treatment

In these important, shorter treatments, they’re where I focus on a specific area or problem, for example back, neck and shoulders. For those who need more regular work or are short on time, the treatments are designed to last 20 to 25 minutes. Allocated 1 hour for treatment.

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Full Treatment

For example, a full-body massage these are treatments that take 45 to 50 minutes. In this case, allocated time, 1 hour 30 minutes.

Luxury Treatments

Some treatments take longer than an allotted time, respectfully. For example, Reflexology & Colour. Also, the allocated time of up to 2 hours

Initial Treatments

To begin with, the very first Treatment requires a full consultation so that we can put together a treatment plan for you. Zoom is an ideal way to achieve this.

Once you have contacted me | booked a treatment, I will make a consultation appointment with you.

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Training at Jacksfeet

Because in this day and age, we need to keep contact time, to a minimum. As a result of using ZOOM, face time or WhatsApp for the initial chat, we can achieve this.

I deliver my classes to small groups, for instance, 2 to 3 students. Locations for training, and pre-booked courses usually take place at Jacksfeet, but this depends on you. Alternatively, hold the course in your own home, also I can accommodate larger groups too.

Abdominal Therapy & Training

Rosita Arvigo has been my teacher for many years now and because of this, I can pass on this ancient Maya knowledge to you and your family. For instance, we pass this knowledge along using traditional methods. Such as stories, told in the same way that the Maya healers, shamans, and midwives themselves used. Hence, the techniques used include observation, practicality, feeling, storytelling, laughter, and singing.

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Remain as unique and individual, like every person is, because of the way I deliver them. To begin with, I mix and match all my therapies up, then I work intuitively. That’s why I listen to your body and go where it leads me. My regular clients say, ‘no two treatments are ever the same’.

About the Therapies

This is why I put all my skills, knowledge, and experience into every treatment to make sure it meets your expectations, needs, and satisfaction. Therefore, check out the ultimate massage experience.

My Mission

Has always been the same.

To bring therapeutic touch back to life and into your home. To keep these skills alive by teaching and passing my knowledge.
By teaching you how to put your health literally into your own hands.


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