Jacksfeet Therapies and Training Centre

Jacksfeet Therapies & Training  Centre

Hello I’m Jacqueline Beswick founder and owner of Jacksfeet,  I established my practice in 1992, developing the Therapy Centre offering a wide range of Therapies.  There’s a treatment to suit everyones needs, there is one for YOU too!  All you need to do is get in touch or come along to an event we are taking part in and have a look at what we do.

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About Jacqueline
About me. I’m a mum, a friend therapist, and trainer .   I own my own business,  – Jacksfeet and I am  sole trader.   Things that are important to me My family, friends, clients and my dogs.  I love baking, walking,  being in the great outdoors, dancing, music and working with you
Jacqueline with Billy (son) and Donnie (daughter)
Lorraine & Jacqueline – Red Lipstick Day
The Boys Ted and Bernie
enjoying a day out





Memories the earliest I have of massaging are at the age of two.  I began working in the Health Care sector in 1983, and became a Nurse in 1987.  Whilst nursing I specialised in terminal care, at Hayward House palliative care unit. After 4 years I moved into the private sector managing nursing homes, where I felt I could be most effective.
In the meantime my training had begun, I qualified as a lecturer, obtained a qualification in Counselling, and started down the road to becoming a therapist.
To begin with I trained in Reflexology with Nicola Hall from the Bailey School of Reflexology, soon afterwards becoming a qualified Masseuse and Aromatherapist.
As a result of this, New College Nottingham approached me to become a full time lecturer.   I became their coordinator of the  Holistic Therapy and Sports Department,  I love to teach so this suited me well.

My Journey begins

I thought at first finally I have landed, I was working as a teacher my second best loved activity.  However, I did not expect the uphill struggle I would have working within a large corporate.  The amount of hostility I would encounter along the way.  I was on a particularly steep learning curve, there was a lot of processes to learn and get my head around.  None of it has been wasted it has all been useful in developing my skills and knowledge.

In the mean time
Sneinton Market Peggers Pub Black and whit e photo
Sneinton Market Peggers Pub

Consequently I went back to nursing, working for the college had given me new skills and added other therapies to my bow.  I began to dream about having my own centre, soon putting a plan into action for this to become reality.  Opening my centre on Sneinton Market, however my dream was nearly shattered when after only 3 months I lost the use in my right hand.
I kept my head above water by continuing to work for NCN as a part time lecturer in the community.  Running courses teaching young mums holistic therapies, and how to look after themselves on a small budget.  One of these courses ran for over two years, working closely with under aged mums.
Because this went beyond all expectations, I was presented with an award from NCN for outstanding accomplishments.

No Hands Massage
No hands Massage B/W
No Hands Massage

I awoke one morning crying, red hot tears streaming down my face and afraid to look at what I new I was going to see.  In 2002 I totally retrained with  Gerry Pyves, the founder of No Hands Massage.  I was beginning to feel complete, and stayed with Gerry for over 4 years developing my skill as a Therapist.  Read More in story time

Ultimate Massage Experience

Finally after all these years of training and gathering knowledge, I can now dance with your tissues and help you reach heights I never thought possible.  The way I work is unique I compile all of my skills into one treatment, making each massage a truly ‘Ultimate Experience‘.

Arvigo® Therapy
Arvigo® Therapy

I was sat in a kitchen in Twickenham wondering what was about to take place.   What was I going to learn?   Was I going to love what I heard?
This training was about to add so many arrows to my bow, that I would never had believed it if I had not been part of this journey.  My thirst for more knowledge is amazing, especially ‘old knowledge’, the roots of this therapy is in Maya traditional healing 4,000 years of knowledge.  Its not just a massage it includes knowledge of herbs, castor oil packs, the faja, pelvic steams.
This together with existing knowledge, and new learnt massage techniques, finally gives me tools to use.  That really will help improve your Health, Wealth and Happiness. Arvigo® Therapy


The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® for more information click on this link to the Arvigo® website where you can read about Rosita; Don Elijio and other important people to Rosita when developing this profound work.