Treatment Prices

Treatment Prices

Jacksfeet’s List of Treatment Prices

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Remember it’s not a treat it’s a treatment

What are the prices for our treatments, therefore here’s a comprehensive list for you. Further information about the treatments, is found on their separate pages.

You will also find more information on my online booking service, Shedul.  

Meanwhile, once booked and to give us more treatment time, please complete a new client application form.

Once you have made contact, I will arrange a telephone call for a consultation ahead of your first visit. Choose a time of day that suits you best, for instance, daytime or evening, the call usually takes approximately 60 minutes of your time.

Because a treatment takes as long as it takes, at Jacksfeet we base our Prices on the treatment not on time


£10.00 If required we have a Pre Treatment consultation charge for 60 minutes via phone or Zoom, normally charged during the time of your initial visit.

Full Treatment Prices £49.00

Generally, allow at least an hour and a half for a Full Treatment. Included in this time: a short consultation, preparation for treatment, treatment followed by feedback. For example, 45 to 50 minutes of treatment time and 10 to 15 minutes for rest.

Treatment Prices
  1. Aromatherapy 
  2. Bio Detox
  3. Detox Massage
  4. Ear Candles
  5. Holistic facial
  6. Hot stones
  7. Luxury Manicure
  8. Luxury Pedicure
  9. Reflexology
  10. Reiki
  11. Ultimate Massage Experience

Part Treatment Prices £37.00

Button to Shedul Prices Treatments

Ordinarily, a Part Treatment takes approximately 20 to 25 minutes, therefore, allow at least 45 minutes, to an hour to include a short consultation, preparation and feedback time.

  1. Back, Neck & Shoulders  
  2. Colon Massage
  3. Face, Neck & Shoulders Massage
  4. Holistic Facial
  5. Seated Massage
  6. Seated Reiki

Individually Priced Treatments

Runners Legs

Because Runners’s legs, only a short treatment lasting 30 minutes, 45 minutes an adequate amount of time.

  1. £20.00 Runners legs
  2. £37.00 Runners legs pre and post-exercise treatment

Double Treatment Prices £51.00

Interestingly for these treatments, Allow at least 1½ to 2 hours for these treatments as they’re 2 treatments together

  1. Bio Detox & Reflexology
  2. Colour Therapy & Reflexology
  3. Hot Stones & Reflexology

Abdominal Therapy Treatment Prices


  1. £91.00 Initial treatment (up to 2½ hours)
  2. £65.00 Pregnancy Massage on the safe side after the first trimester
  3. £65.00 Follow-up treatments (up to 1½ hours)
  4. £91.00 Experiential Treatment (up to 4 hours)
  5. £156.00 1 month Fertility Programme 2 treatments
  6. £351.00 3 months Fertility Programme Instalments £117.00 x 3

Beauty Therapy Treatments

Manicure and Pedicure

Treatment Prices

Where I can During these treatments I use natural products, the only manufactured products are the gel, dips, varnishes, tints and removers. Consequently, I only use highly recommended well known manufactured products. I certainly try to use vegetable-based products in the tints rather than mineral and animal-based ones.

  • Manicure| Pedicure
  • £23.00 | £23.00 Mini Treatment
  • £25.00 | £29.00 Everyday Treatment
  •                 £37.00 mini + heel treatment
  •                 £49.00 every day + heel Treatment

Waxing Treatment Prices start at £9.00

Waxing head sizes
Different heads for different parts of the body

The waxing system I use is clean and easy, in other words, it’s easy to apply, not as wasteful and cleaner to use. The waxes used for example have a base of natural waxes and oils base. For example, one of the main constituents is Beeswax. Before you book, don’t forget to have a look on Shedul for special offers.

  1. £9.00 Each:
    • Top Lip, eyebrow, chin, side face, forehead
  2. £11.00 Bikini line, underarm, lower arm
  3. £15.00 Lower leg + knee
  4. £15.00 Under arm + lower arm
  5. £21.00 Underarm + full arm
  6. £25.00 Bikini line + lower leg
  7. £29.00 Bikini line + full leg
  8. £37.00 Brazilian or Hollywood
  9. £45.00 Whole back + shoulder
  10. £45.00 Chest & Abdomen
  11. £77.00 Full Torso
Eyelash & Eyebrows
Tinting and waxing Form

Tinting from £10.50

As a result, and in keeping with our natural product policy, we only use vegetable dye tints for the eyes.

  1. Free      Skin Test should be completed at least 48 hours before treatment.
  2. £10.50 Eyelash
  3. £10.50 Eyebrow
  4. £19.00 Eyelash & Eyebrow
  5. £27.00 Eyebrow shaping, Eyebrow & Eyelash tint

How to Pay

button How to Pay by paypal

For example, In Person

  1. Before or after your treatment in cash on the day
  2. Either by card using your fresha account or I can take card payment.

Online at the same time as booking

  1. Book and pay at the same time as you book your appointment using my Fresha account.
  2. Also, PayPal now has a QR code you can use.
  3. Jac can certainly give you her bank details for you to make a bank transfer.

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