First Aid

Aromatherapy for First Aid.

How to use Aromatherapy for First Aid


I designed these courses to help you to maintain your own health.  
This course will teach you all about using Aromatherapy for First Aid.

About the Course

First Aid

This workshop covers simple methods for treating minor ailments

  • Conditions that not necessarily requires a visit to the doctors.
  • Unless they lasted longer than 48 hours.
  • Ailments we can treat, head colds, sinusitis, bruises, disturbed sleep, skin conditions.
  • In the case of an emergency, ie Insect bites and anaphylaxis, you need medical advice
  • The course covers 15 safe essential oils, how, when and why we use them

How does it Work?

Aromatherapy Almond Oil First Aid
Almond Oil
  1. Essential oils have healing properties, chemicals that they produce from the soil they grow in.
  2. The chemicals make the plants act like medicines, anti-fungal, bacterial, viral.
  3. They have analgesic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory properties.
  4. Some essential oils can stimulate the nervous, immune, digestive systems
  5. Others have a more calming effect and create balance in the body

Oil Safety

Aromatherapy Lavender First Aid
  1. Using only small doses of oil makes it safe, 5 drops in 20mls of the carrier.
  2. Mixing the oil into a base oil. cream, wax to dilute them.
  3. Only using the oils diluted and externally prevents adverse reactions.
  4. Essential oils containing high levels of alcohol are safe to use.
  5. Not to use oils that are on the toxic list

Venues for the courses?

In the comfort of your own home
  1. Jacksfeets home and training centre.
  2. In the comfort of your own home, a friends house
  3. At your centre, if your part of a group.
  4. My equipment and I travel. Send me dates times and numbers and when I contact you we can finalise all this information and book the course.

When does the course run?

When's the course experiential day

What time suits you best? One day courses, choose a Weekday or Weekend. Two days courses, pick two consecutive days, a Friday and Saturday often work well. We can discuss the particulars, and start making arrangements, once we have made contact.

Booking on the Course

  1. Submit an application form then I can get in touch with you!
    1. Simply ask any questions you have and choose the course interested in.
    2. Give me a list of dates, you can make.  
    3. Once I have collated the required information we can book the course. I will confirm dates, times, venue, numbers and costs.   
  2. Pre-arranged courses, run at Jacksfeet Centre, and other venues.  
    1. You will find these advertised on Jacksfeets, multimedia sites. 
    2. To book click on the Ticket Source link, and book a place on the course.

Cost of the Course

Jacksfeet Training Prices
  • For an up to date list of the courses and prices go to Training Prices
  • Visit Shedul it has a full list of courses and prices.  
  • Paying early qualifies you for the early bird discount.
  •  All the courses have a non-refundable deposit and administration fee included in the cost of the course.

Included in the course

  • I have easy to read detailed handouts, for you to keep and make notes on.  
  • All the equipment and products needed for use on the course.  
  • Also the products you can purchase after the course, for using at home.  
  • Help yourself to the snack, hot and cold drinks provided throughout the day

Do I need to bring anything?

Bring to the course
  • Before course commencing please fill in the Student information form below.  
  • Bring yourself and a friend!  
  • You may want to bring pens, pencils and paper to make notes.  
  • What you want for lunch, especially if eating a special diet

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