Aromatherapy Babies

Aromatherapy babies, mums, dads and grandparents

No prior qualifications required to attend this Aromatherapy Babies course, it’s for personal use only.  Basically, each one covers a special area in our lives and homes.  Let’s take a look at how we can use safe oils for baby problems that can occur.  Firstly how to prepare the oils for use.  Secondly how and when we can use them.  Thirdly when we can not use them because we have concerns.

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Aromatherapy for babies
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Aromatherapy for babies

Babies love Aromatherapy, but we just need to take care when using the oils.  Handle the dosage (the number of drops) and the oils we use carefully.  It can help both you and baby to spend quality time together, therefore more relaxed with each other.  During this course, we will look at different ways to use the essential oils safely.  A favourite for you to learn included in the course is massage.

How does it work?

Firstly, Aromatherapy oils especially when used in a massage situation is great for a babies skin. Babies love it when touched especially their back and bellies, make a game of it and get them giggling.
Secondly, It helps with bonding.  During the massage it brings baby and you closer together.  Both of you get to know and trust each other even more.
Thirdly, it’s a great way to help support the optimum function of their little bodies. Aromatherapy can help to maintain health and result in a contented baby.

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Aromatherapy for babies
About the course

This one-day course Aromatherapy Babies will help new mums; dads and grandparents, to help keep the baby healthy.

    • For example, great in combatting infections.
    • Helping to keep their skin moisturised and healthy, it certainly can help with problems like nappy rash, eczema and psoriasis.
    • The massage will help with ailments like constipation, teething, head colds and more.
    • Studies have shown that babies receiving regular massage develop motor skills and muscle strength quicker.
    • then a baby that doesn’t
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Important information  about the course
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Bathing Baby
  1. Aromatherapy Babies covers common complaints that our babies suffer from.
  2. I will explain how each oil works and how to use it.
  3. How to blend the oils for massage, or make an atomiser/infuser.
  4. How to use the oils in the babies bath.
  5. We will look at 5 safe oils to use with babies and toddlers.
Included for you on the course?

I have a workbook specifically for the course.  That is yours to take home and use to make notes in.  It is full of information, illustrations and guidelines for you to follow.  I also supply any products and disposables you may need whilst you learn.  Afterwards, at the end of the day, I have starter kits of products that you may like to purchase.  During the day, I supply hot and cold drinks and snacks.

What do I bring to the course?
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What do I bring
  • In addition to yourself and your knowledge, pens pencils and a notebook.
  • What you would like to eat for lunch, especially if on a special diet or foods to share
  • Slippers or thick woolly socks to wear in the training room
  • Comfortable clothes, layered, especially ones that you don’t mind getting oil on
When’s The Course?
When's the course
When’s the course?
  1. When would you like it?   Book the course in advance and I can deliver on a date that suits you.
  2. Pre-booked courses, I can’t move these because others may have already booked on them.
  3. In conclusion, we can run them on weekdays or at the weekend.
  4. During school time or outside of it.  Most of my courses children are welcome especially if we are making things, they can join in.
Where’s the Course?
The comfort of your own home

In the first place, the comfort of your own home!
At a friends house or if its a group of you at your meeting centre.
Jacksfeet’s training Centre or some prebooked courses will be at a different venue
I am willing to travel, together with all my equipment

Booking on the  Course?
Student application form
Link to the application form

Firstly, fill in a student application form and submit it to me.  I can then contact you to discuss the finer details, dates, times, numbers and venue.  Once we have finalised the details I will set the course up.
Prebooked courses. Once you have decided what course you want to book on you can register on ticket source or Shedul.

Paying for the Course?
Training Prices
Link to Prices

All courses have a non-refundable registration fee of £20.00, included in the price of the course.  To begin with, you can pay using Ticket source or Shedul when you book on.  If you have booked directly with me you can pay, using other means.  These details I will let you have when everything confirmed

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