Household Remedies

This workshop covers simple ways to use hand made products around the home.  Household remedies, the things our grandmother would have made.

Using Essential oils around the Home

Household remedies Grandmothers knowledge
Grandmothers knowledge

I designed these courses to help you maintain your own health.
For example some ideas of what we could make.

  • When someones unwell in the home, make a disinfectant room spray to clear the air in the room.
  • Can’t sleep, make a clearing, releasing, soothing blend for the oil burner.
  • Further ideas include air fresheners, bubble bath, shampoo.  This list is not inexhaustive.

Introduction to Household remedies

Household remedies diffuser
Room Sprays
  • For the most part the workshops all practical based.
  • Because you’re making products and having plenty of fun.
  • We will look at a total of 15 oils and how to use them safely.
  • Look at different ways to infuse the air with oils, and how to use them topically.

Household Remedies however does it work?

Household remedies
Essential Oils

Our ancestors knew the value of plants.  However, we have lost a lot of knowledge over the years and only now gaining it back.  Essential oils are very strong antibacterial, viral and fungal agents.  When released into the air they will kill a lot of harmful microbes. Resulting in a sick room becoming clear of infection.  Household Remedies covers a wide variety of products

Essential Oil Safety

Household remedies
Castor Oil
  1. Using only small doses of oil makes it safe, 5 drops in 20mls of the carrier.
  2. Mixing the oil into a base oil. cream, wax to dilute them.
  3. Only using the oils diluted and externally prevents adverse reactions.
  4. Essential oils containing high levels of alcohol are safe to use.
  5. It should never happen that you ingest the oils
  6. Never use oils that are on the toxic list

Household Remedies where’re the Venues?

In the comfort of your own home
  1. In the comfort of your own home.
  2. At a friend’s home, in a centre if your one of a group.
  3. Jacksfeets home and training centre
  4. Other venue’s

I’m happy to travel, therefore it’s not a problem no matter where the location of the venue. The number of students will affect the distance that I travel.

When do the courses run?

When's the course experiential day

At a convenient time for you, when do you want it?  Book the course in advance and I will come to you.  We can arrange for it to be a weekday or a weekend, during school time out of school time.  Let the kids join in the knowledge belongs to everyone the course contains a lot of fun practical things to do.

How do I book on Household remedies?

There’s three main ways to book and make contact

Jacksfeet Contact me
  1. Firstly, fill in the attached application form below. Let me know what you have in mind.  For instance how to make an air freshener, bubble bath, face cleanser. I’ll get back to you to talk about the course and finalise the arrangements with you.
  2. Secondly, make contact with me directly. Please leave me a message, when I’m massaging I’m unable to answer the phone because I don’t want your treatment disturbed. Text or message me, leave me your details, dates times and venue details and I’ll call you back when I’m free.
  3. Thirdly, I run prearranged courses, I advertise them on all my multimedia sites. You can book on one of these through ticket source online below.

Once you have submitted your form I can get in touch, with you.  Then we can iron out the time, dates venue and costs and manually book ou on the course.

What does the course cost?

Jacksfeet Training Prices
  1. For up to date costs of the course click on the link here.
  2. You will certainly find up to date course information on Shedul, my online booking service.
  3. The course does have a non-refundable registration fee, that’s included in tuition prices
  4. If your unable to make it to the course the fee is transferable onto the next course.
  5. If you book on Ticket Source or Shedul, you can pay using these services. I will send you information on how to pay using different methods.
  6. Once you have booked and all information has been finalised I will contact you with further information

Included on the course

Training household remedies
  • A comprehensive handout for you to keep, and write notes on.
  • Equipment, products and consumables required to make the products.
  • I will bring kits for you to buy if you want to make your own products afterwards.
  • Supply you with suppliers information and contact details.
  • Besides, the above I will also supply snacks, hot and cold drinks to have throughout the day.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Training household remedies
Bring to the course
  • Just yourself and a friend 🙂
  • Pens, pencils and paper or book to write in
  • A pair of slippers or thick socks to wear in the training room.
  • Warm comfortable clothes, especially ones you don’t mind if they get oily.
  • Lunch food to share if you would like to, if you’re on a special diet please bring your own food.

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