How to Book

It’s Easy just follow these steps – ‘How to Book’.

Make a Booking

Firstly, ask yourself these questions because I will need this information.

  1. So what Treatment do I want, and when date and time?
  2. Which course do I want to take?
  3. Meanwhile, I’ve found the pre-booked course I want to take?
  4. However, I want to book a course in my own home, venue, on a different date and time?
  5. In short, I want to learn online, Face to face, Self paced

Now you have the answers

let’s enter the details

Here’s how to book

Contact me Direct. Unfortunately, I can’t always answer the phone. During treatments, my phone will be on silent, so it doesn’t disturb your session.

How to Book In Person

how to book


Text is best, Send an Email or Message me. Certainly enter the date & time. Also put in a couple of dates just in case. Outline the treatment you’re looking for. As a result, I get an alert on my phone and subsequently can reply.


Again Text, or Send an Email, Message me. If a pre-booked course Title and date. You’re wanting to arrange a course in this case give me the date, time, and venue of choice. Put in a couple of dates just in case.

How to Book—Online

How to book


  1. Go to Fresha and book now
  2. To begin with choose your treatment
  3. Secondly pick your date and time. If asked to choose a different date/time it’s because slots already taken.
  4. If you really want a certain date and time please contact me directly I will try to make changes.
  5. At the same time fill in your details. Please include your email and mobile phone number.
  6. You can make a payment at the same time if you would like to.
  7. Automated messages, sent to confirm and remind you of your appointment.
How to book

Training Jacksfeet

  1. All pre-booked courses are to be found on Eventbrite
  2. Also on Jacksfeet Facebook page
  3. Can’t find the course you’re looking for, in this case contact me direct as above
  4. Once you are booked on I will certainly contact you with further details.
How to book

Training Abdominal Therapy

  1. All pre-booked courses are to be found on Eventbrite
  2. They can also be found on the Abdominal Therapy Collective Website
  3. Click on the course you wish to attend
  4. Register by buying a ticket
  5. After that I will be in contact with further information you need.

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