How to Book

Its Easy just follow these steps – ‘How to Book’.

Make a Booking

Firstly ask yourself these questions because I will need this information.

  1. What treatment do I want?
  2. Which training do I want to do?
  3. When do I want to do them Dates and times?
  4. Where do I want the Venue? – own home | jacksfeet | clubhouse

Secondly now follow these directions.

Treatment or Training Session? How to Book

how to book

How to book – In Person

  1. Send a Request Form. To begin with entering the date, time and venue of choice. Put in a couple of dates just in case. Outline if it’s a treatment or training you’re looking for. As a result, I get an alert on my phone and subsequently can reply.
  2. Contact me Direct. Unfortunately, I can’t always answer the phone. During treatments, my phone will be on silent so it doesn’t disturb your session.
    1. Text is best! It waits in my message box and once free I can get back to you. Either replying via text, if you prefer I’ll ring you.
    2. Ring me. If I don’t answer don’t give up. ‘Leave a message. I check my phone regularly and will call back later.
    3. Email me. This is great when you’re requiring a lot of information. For example Handouts, Information sheets, it’s not the quickest way to get hold of me. I only check my emails daily therefore if in a hurry Text Me!
    4. Message me. I have my phone set up to alert me when someone is using an online social media site. Similarly to texting messaging is a quick way to get hold of me.

How to Book – Online

Know what you want? Been before and want to rebook? Once you have booked you will receive an automated confirmation from Shedul. I will also get an instant notification you have booked.

How to book Button to Shedul
Click here to book online
  1. Shedul (Fresha). This is my online booking system for treatments and training. Click on the link below to take you to the site.
    1. Choose the venue
    2. You choose the treatment or training of choice
    3. Pick the date and time that suits you best. You may be asked to choose a different date/time. This will be because this slot is already taken. If you really want a certain date and time please contact me directly I will try to make changes.
    4. Fill in your details. Please include your email and mobile phone number.
    5. You can make a payment at the same time if you would like to.
    6. Automated massages are sent to confirm and remind you of your appointment.
  2. Ticket Source. All pre-booked training and events are to be found on this site. You can book your place on the course.
    1. Click on the direct link below to the event of choice.
    2. Fill in your details.
    3. You can pay here too if you would like to. Take advantage of the early bird payment scheme, or pay by installments using this site.
    4. Can’t find the course contact me directly. If you want to host an event yourself get in touch and together we can arrange it.
  3. You can find me online.
    1. FaceBook – Jacksfeet (
    2. Twitter – Jacksfeet1
    3. WhatsApp – jacofsedbusk
    4. SnapChat – jacqi.beswick
    5. Skype – jaquibeswick

New Client/Student

Finally please fill in the relevant form, you may feel that all information isn’t required. However, I do need to know your.

jacksfeet forms
  1. Name and contact details
  2. Reason for visit/course applying for
  3. Any conditions or chronic illness
  4. Allergies
  5. Medications
  6. The information is important to ensure you receive the correct treatment from me and there are no concerns.

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