Abdominal Therapy Training

Time to take our Health into our own hands by Training in Abdominal Therapy

At Jacksfeet I teach six one day Abdominal Therapy Training courses.  To begin with, they’re developed to meet each individual’s requirements. Each one looking at specific problems in the abdomen. Included in the courses, you’ll learn Rosita Arvigo’s Your Abdominal Massage (YAM).  Plus how it works in aiding the specific organs and conditions by increasing flow.

Abdominal Therapy Training Included in the day
Rosita Arvigo and Jacqueline Beswick
Rosita and Jac at Primicia

I have packed all these one-day courses with information, fun, puzzles and practical activities.  What you will learn?  Your Abdominal Massage as its taught Rosita.  I will introduce you the complementary modalities the Faja, Perineal Steam and Castor Oil Packs.  To help understand fully how this therapy works it helps if we understand what goes wrong.  Therefore we look at the relevant anatomy & physiology.  This is for the individual who wants to know how they can improve their health and look after themselves.

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Button to womens health Maya way Women’s Health:

Women’s Problems’ we have all heard of these, and some of us suffer from them.  We often don’t talk about them, using terminology that in its self creates a dislike of our bodies natural functions.  Most importantly on this course, we look at what can go wrong with the female reproductive system.  Turning it on its head to then understand how Your Abdominal Massage puts thing right.

Men’s Health:

Button to Mens Health Maya way‘A right pain in the arse’ 50% of men suffer from prostatitis at some time in their lives!  It can lead to more serious disease and conditions developing.  Let’s take a look at how Your Abdominal Massage work can help.

Digestive Health and wellness:

Bittuon to Digestive health Maya way
Both men and women would benefit from attending this course.  With our ever-changing lifestyles and amount of stress we put on ourselves, more and more people suffer from digestive problems  ………………

Mindful Menopause :

Button to mindful menopause Maya waySome women often feel they are not supported at this time! Hormones all over the place, an emotional roller coaster. Suffering from discomfort, tears, anger, weight gain.  Painful heavy menses or none at all. Let’s see how this work can help ……………………………..

Supporting Fertility :

Button to Supporting fertility Maya wayFor fertilisation and implantation to take place a miracle occurs.  Both partners need to have a healthy reproductive system.  They have to be in a good headspace, happy and well supported.  It takes three months for the womb to produce a healthy egg and for sperm to be at the top of their game ………………………….

Experiential day :

Button to experiential day Maya wayLet us get stuck in and truly experience this therapy.  Let’s have a day really engulfed in this work and learn through experience,  Try each of the modalities in the comfort of your own home.  Learn the Arvigo® Maya abdominal massage; try out wearing a Faja and see the difference it makes; detox your liver with a Castor Oil pack; steam your Uterus or Perineum ………………………

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Button for conatct me Maya waybutton for forms Maya wayFirstly fill in an application form, with these details, the course, venue, times and dates you’re interested in.   Secondly, you can contact me through any of the channels listed on my contact page.  Thirdly contact me via one of these Face book, linked in, Twitter, Messenger. Click on the link Contact Me.

How Much do they Cost?

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button for Book now Maya wayTraining PricesClick on Link to the prices page.  Go to either Shedul my online booking system, you will find all up to date information there.   Similarly, you can go on Facebook for up to date information on pre-booked courses.  Finally, you can find pre-booked courses on Ticket source.


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