Abdominal Therapy Training

Jacksfeet offers, Abdominal Therapy Training in addition to our own course.

Jac has worked and trained with Rosita Arvigo for years. Becoming one of her qualified advanced therapists and trainers in Abdominal Therapy and an active member of the ATC.

Abdominal Therapy Training

Time to take our Health into our own hands by attending

Abdominal Therapy Training

Let’s delve into the wonders of our body and, as a result, you’ll learn to support your health with a simple abdominal massage.

Because of the way the courses take place, we can support you through your healing journey completely.

Who’s the basic series workshops for?

There’s, many reasons for attending,

  • Helping to increase the blood supply to all organs.
  • Above all, it’s an excellent starting point for shining a light on this often neglected and misunderstood part of the body.
  • For instance, it’s for those who want to look after themselves, a taster for those who have a professional interest.
  • Therefore, it’s for anyone who would like to live in their body with ease.
  • Whether you have or have had a Uterus or a Prostate, these courses are for you!  
  • To begin with, they’re developed to meet every individual’s needs.
  • Therefore, we look at the relevant anatomy and physiology for each abdominal system.  
  • For example, in Fertility we look at the Uterus and Prostate, Ovaries and Testes. Looking at structure and what might go wrong, but most of all how this work may help put it right.  

Included in the Training

I have packed all these courses with information, fun, puzzles and practical activities.  

What you will learn  

The History of Maya Abdominal Massage
Abdominal Therapy Training
  1. Dr Rosita Arvigo’s Story and her life’s work to become a Naprapathic physician, herbalist, and healer
  2. Including stories about the two traditional Healers who Rosita was very close to and who taught her about their work. Don Elijio Panti the famous Shaman of Belize, Miss Hortence traditional midwife from Cozumel.
You will come away having learnt about
  1. The History. As a result of Rosita’s teachings and the shared ancient wisdom and know how passed on to her from the traditional Healers, you will learn a lot of this knowledge too.
  2. In addition, we’ll cover the anatomy and physiology of the belly and uterus/prostate/digestive & urinary system and the adjoining organs.
  3. You’ll become proficient in Your Abdominal Massage on yourself, that is to say you’ll be able to apply the simple massage every day,
  4. Afterwards you’ll be able to recognise the causes, signs, and symptoms of suboptimal health and common conditions that affect the abdominal organs

Your Abdominal Massage

As taught by Dr Rosita Arvigo

About the Courses

  • All the courses last 7½ hours, 8 hours including built in breaks, you choose how you want to learn.
    • You can learn during a full day face to face at Jacksfeet or in your own home
    • Online again a full day or broken down over several days
    • Online and face to face
    • Over several days
      • 1st session ½ hour consultation
      • 2nd session 2½ to 3½ hour online training
      • 3rd session Follow up 3½ hour face to face including a full treatment
      • 4th session ½ hour optional follow up online
  • During the courses, you will have plenty of time to explore specific questions you may have.
  • You’ll become proficient at Your Abdominal Massage because of all the allocated practice time.
  • In this instance this simple massage works, because it increases the flow of blood, lymph, energy, and chi.
  • In addition, learn how to use the Faja, Perineal Steam, Castor Oil Packs and Rainforest Remedies, all included in the Magic Hat of Tips and Tricks.
  • There’s also easy to access online PDF handouts to keep and make notes in
Abdominal Therapy

Abdominal Therapy Training, The Courses

Choose from one of our 7 Courses

Uterine Health:

Abdominal therapy

For example, conditions affecting the Uterus

  • prolapse
  • fibroids
  • endometriosis
  • cysts
  • polyps
  • misplaced uterus
  • irregular menses
  • heavy menses
  • painful menses

Most importantly, this course covers what can go wrong and how Your Abdominal Massage can help put things right.

Prostate Health:

To begin with, let’s explore, the main carriage way leading from the testis to glory. Healthy sperm swim the length of this tube, across the great void, to sit in wait in heaven for the golden egg.
Prostatitis, a right pain in the Arse! It’s one of the main causes of back pain, going undiagnosed in many cases. It’s debilitating, in short, it can lead to more serious disease and conditions developing. an enlarged prostate or cancer.

Let’s take a look at how Your Abdominal Massage work can help, together we can help keep the prostate healthy!

Beginners guide to menstruation :

Mentruation ABdominal therapy
For the Uterus, it all starts here. Consequently, our young shouldn’t experience fear of what’s happening in their bodies. Therefore, help them rejoice, the transition that’s taking place here from child to maiden. As a result of learning abdominal therapy and understanding the transformation going on, we can achieve this. Make it an easy passage for them.

Because we’ll be exploring the transitions in the uterus, body, skin, and hormones and the knowledge we’ll learn. It’ll result in bringing balance back into our bellies with the help of a simple abdominal massage.

Supporting Fertility :

  • Firstly, it takes three months for both partners bodies to prepare for successful fertilisation.
  • Secondly, really healthy sperms needed, on top of their game, well nourished and fed sperm.
  • Thirdly not forgetting the one healthy egg, and just as important a thick fluffy endometrium, must exist, ready for the fertilised egg to embed in its softness and grow into Your Baby.

For fertilisation and implantation to take place, a miracle has to occurs. This work covers all the criteria, massage works on both physical and psychological body helping you to stay strong whilst getting ready for baby. In addition to this, we’ll revisit the menstrual cycle, egg, and sperm production -their life cycle. Including the 3-month programme we offer to couples trying to conceive. This work can help support you through your journey,

During Pregnancy:

From pre-conception throughout your pregnancy and babies birth, like Miss Hortence, an abdominal therapist can help to keep both you and baby.
Whether it’s your first pregnancy or not, in this transitional stage from maiden to mother, you need support and nurturing yourself.

Take a look at Your pregnancy Massage to appreciate what this work can do pre, during and post-partum. Your Pregnancy Massage, Some advantages,

  • Develops a strong connection and bonding between baby and mum before birth.
  • Helps keep the Uterus, placenta and baby healthy
  • Can help during delivery
  • Post-partum, you will find YAM increases blood flow therefore strengthens ligaments, helping prevent uterine displacement.

Mindful Menopause :

Mindful menopause abdominal therapy

Some of us have a rough time as a result of the shift between peri and post menopause taking place. Whether medically induced or naturally occurring. Because of the changes that’s taking place now, your bodies blossoming into maturity. Together we’ll explore this complex physical, emotional and spiritual transition.

Some women often feel they are not supported at this time! It’s an emotional roller coaster, with our hormones levels all over the place. Whether you’re suffering from discomfort, tears, anger, weight gain, painful heavy menses or none at all, using YAM can make this big difference. Making this transformation an easier passage, whilst changes take place in the uterus and our bodies.

Digestion :

Digestion abdominal therapy
We stress our bodies intensely, compared to our ancestors, what’s changed? Our lifestyle and the way we live, hence, the increased levels of adrenaline. Resulting in reduced blood flow, the gut becoming sluggish, therefore food’s undigested inability to absorb it. As a result, illness and disease. The opposite happens, healthy gut, healthy body when Abdominal Massage’s used.

Both men and women would benefit from attending this course. You’ll get relief and live in comfort because this work does actually WORK and can help.

The course, covers the anatomy & physiology of the digestive system and the adjoining organs. How they all work. How YAM helps to bring balance and energy into this system, helping relieve symptoms.

Recap what will I learn?

  1. The history of Your Abdominal Massage
    • Dr Rosita Arvigo’s, Don Elijio Panti and Miss Hortence’s Story.
    • Why we recognise the roots of this work.
  2. Straight forward anatomy and physiology of the bellies organs.
  3. YAM, a simple massage performed daily, on yourself above all improves blood, lymph and nerve supply to your belly.
  4. The why’s and wherefores, when and where to massage.
  5. Causes, signs and symptoms of suboptimal health and common conditions that affect the abdominal organs
  6. In the magic hat of tips and tricks, we have the faja, castor oil pack, perineal steams, rainforest remedies

How do you want to receive Your Abdominal Therapy Training

Two choices to make from for each of these courses:

Online Training

Online training:

  • Initial session ½ to 1 hour over a Zoom conference call, Face time, or WhatsApp
  • Followed by a 4½ hour online training session.
  • Follow-up two 1½ online sessions
  • Emails full of information, handouts and more
  • Open to questions and further support
  • Book later to see a therapist for hands-on treatment.

Face to Face

Face to Face

In-person Training:

  • Firstly, it’s a whole day of training – 7½ hours. (8 hours with built-in breaks) or (Can be split over 2 days)
  • Secondly, held at a prebooked Venue | A venue of your choice | In the comfort of your own home.
  • Most important, it starts @ 09.00 and finishes @ 17.00
  • Training covers all the above criteria, the days filled throughout with lots of practical experience.
  • After all, there’s plenty of opportunity and time for answering questions.
  • In conclusion, there’s still follow-up and digital information adding support and guidance.

Other Abdominal Therapy courses available

Online Training in Your Abdominal Therapy

A short course

online massage training
  • Online training’s for those who can’t get to a therapist easily but needs to start treatment straight away.
  • Online Massage Training consists of 2½ hours plus a 1-hour catch-up session
  • Then, when you are ready, you can book to have an In-person abdominal massage.
  • Follow this link Online Massage Training for more information.

Experiential Day

  • Firstly it’s for those that like private tuition?
  • Secondly consists of 4 hours of training Face to face
  • Thirdly for those who want support whilst exploring the world of Maya Abdominal Massage.
  • During the time you spend with me on this day, you will experience
    • A full Your Abdominal Massage treatment
    • a perineal steam, castor oil pack and
    • learn YAM to practice on yourself daily
  • For more information, go to the Experiential day Page

What do I need for my Abdominal Therapy Training?

What do I need
  • An open mind and heart.
  • No previous experience or qualifications required
  • Bring a note pad and pen if you like to take notes but if you prefer to curl up and listen that’s a great way to enjoy the class
  • It’s all about looking after ourselves and being comfortable, wear clothes that you feel are appropriate.
  • Wear what you feel good in, and you don’t mind if they get oil on them. 
  • You can do the massage over your clothes therefore a T-shirt and leggings are ideal.
  • A pair of soft slippers or thick socks and a blanket for extra warmth, a bra’s an option, an extra’s a bit of lippy or dangly earrings to lift the spirits. You may need oil or cream, a mat and pillow for the massage.
  • As the teacher of this workshop, I will make an effort to dress up but you don’t need to 🙂

What we’ll be doing

  • To practice YAM
  • Exploring specific questions you may have.
  • After the class I will send the digital information pack, full of information and how too’s.
  • Sadly, I cannot make you tea or share my biscuits so bring whatever snacks and drinks you like


What Happens next

  • Once you sign up, you’ll receive a welcome email with a link to the forms I need you to fill in.
  • Your student information form and Your Health Story. You’re invited to complete as much or as little of this form as makes you comfortable. Knowing some of Your Health Story allows me to collect information towards your specific needs so that we can make sure your questions are answered.

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