Abdominal Therapy Training

Abdominal Therapy Training at Jacksfeet consists of several courses Both online and in person.  To begin with, they’re developed to meet each individual’s requirements. Each one looking at specific problems in the abdomen. Included in the courses, you’ll learn Rosita Arvigo’s Your Abdominal Massage (YAM).  Plus how it works in aiding the specific organs and conditions by increasing the flow of blood, lymph, energy and chi.

Abdominal Therapy

Time to take our Health into our own hands by Training in Abdominal Therapy

Abdominal Therapy Training

Included in the Abdominal Therapy Training

Rosita Arvigo and Jacqueline Beswick
Rosita and Jac at Primicia

I have packed all these courses with information, fun, puzzles and practical activities.  What you will learn?  Your Abdominal Massage as taught Rosita.  I will introduce you to the complementary modalities the Faja, Perineal Steam and Castor Oil Packs.  To help understand fully how this therapy works it helps if we understand what goes wrong.  Therefore we look at the relevant anatomy & physiology for each abdominal system.  This training is for the individual who wants to know how they can improve their health and look after themselves. You will receive handouts and a workbook to keep and make notes in.

Your Abdominal Therapy Training – Online

abdominal Massage

2½ hours Training online plus 1-hour catch up sessions

  • For those who can’t get to a therapist easily and needs to start treatment straight away.
  • Start your abdominal massage straight away and book later to see a therapist for hands-on treatment.
  • Then when you are ready you can book to have an In-person abdominal massage.

Follow the link to Your Abdominal Massage online for more information

Two choices to make from with all the following courses:

  1. Online training: initial training session 4½ hours over a zoom conference call. Followed by an hour check-in session.
    • Emails full of information
    • Open to questions and further support
  2. In-person Training: Whole day of training – 7½ hours ( can be split over 2 days)
    1. At a prebooked Venue.
    2. A venue of your choice.
    3. In the comfort of your own home.

Uterine Health:

abdominal Therapy

Uterine Problems’ Do you suffer from uterine problems ie. Prolapse; fibroids; endometriosis; cysts; misplaced uterus; heavy/irregular menses? to name a few. We have all heard of these, and some of us suffer from them. In this course, we cover how this work can help you with any uterine condition. Most importantly this course covers what can go wrong and how Your Abdominal Massage can help put things right. What’s covered? Learning the Maya Abdominal Massage. ALso – Anatomy & physiology of the uterus | ovaries | fallopian tubes | the ligaments and Menstruation. The benefits and effects of this therapy. Let’s look at the complementary modalities that make this therapy so rounded and helps to keep the organs healthy and maintain optimum function.

Prostate Health:

abdominal therapy

‘A right pain in the arse’ 50% of men suffer from prostatitis at some time in their lives! Can be a common cause of severe lower back pain and can go undiagnosed.  It can lead to more serious disease and conditions developing enlarged prostate | cancer. Let’s take a look at how Your Abdominal Massage work can help. What will we look at? Learning the Maya Abdominal Massage to practice on yourself. As well as – Anatomy and physiology of the testicles | prostate and penis and their close relationship with the bladder. looking at how this work can improve the blood flow to these organs. Which, in turn, improves plus helping with their health and function.

Digestion :

abdominal therapy

Both men and women would benefit from attending this course.  With our ever-changing lifestyles and the amount of stress, we put on ourselves, more and more people suffer from digestive problems. Included in these irritable bowel | constipation | diarrhoea | gastric reflux | ulcers to name a few. This work does actually WORK and can help you to get relief and live in comfort. Start today get in touch to learn Your Abdominal Massage. In the course, we cover the anatomy & physiology of the digestive system and the accompanying organs. How they all work and how this massage helps to bring balance into this system helping relieve your symptoms.

Mindful Menopause :

abdominal therapy

Some women often feel they are not supported at this time! Hormones all over the place, an emotional roller coaster. Suffering from discomfort, tears, anger, weight gain.  Painful heavy menses or none at all. Let’s see how this work can help and make a big transformation to your life. Let’s look at the Uterus and ovaries, the changes that are taking place within. How this massage is going to help with hot flushes |irregular menses | flooding and more. You will learn the Maya Abdominal Massage to practice on yourself. Start today and contact me about learning how to do Your Abdominal Massage.

Supporting Fertility :

Abdominal Therapy

For fertilisation and implantation to take place a miracle occurs. Both partners need to have a healthy reproductive system. They have to be in a good headspace, happy and well supported. This work covers all the criteria it works on the emotional and spiritual body as well as the mental and physical. Helping you in all aspects of getting ready for your baby. It takes three months for the ovary to produce a healthy egg, for the uterus to grow a thick fluffy healthy endometrium and for sperm to be at the top of their game. What’s covered in the course? Learn the Maya abdominal massage and how to use it on yourself. The menstrual cycle, egg and sperm production – their life cycle. The 3-month programme we offer couples trying to conceive. Get in touch and let’s get started working together.

Beginners guide to menstruation :

Abdominal Therapy

For the youngsters in our lives

  1. Everything explained with lots of how too’s.
  2. How mums can support their daughters.
  3. Lets here what the grandmothers have to say.

The more we understand the changes taking place in our bodies the more likely we will look after ourselves. Let’s look at the changes taking place in our uterus | bodies | skin | hormones. How does Your Abdominal Massage help with all the changes?

What do I need for my Abdominal Therapy Training?

Abdominal Therapy training

Abdominal Therapy training

How to book

How to book

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