Making a Payment

Making a payment, it’s easy, there are several ways. We take Cash & card, also PayPal, Fresha and bank transfer. The choice is yours.

payment using cash

Training prices payiing


  • Use cash because some of us still prefer to.
  • Need change not a problem, I have plenty.
  • A good way to pay on the day for treatments and events
  • For Training,
    • by prior arrangement.
    • Please pay the deposit, when you book. The outstanding amount to be paid before the course starts.

Payment using cards

Making a Payment

Card Payment

  • As a result of not being able to get to the bank, have no cash.
  • Then use our card machine, problem, solved.
    1. When you come for your treatment, use Jac’s card machine.
    2. Before your treatment, Jac can send you an invoice via SumUp

Payment Online

Pay through PayPal

button making a pyment

Prefer to keep track of your payments, then use PayPal

  1. Make your payment before your treatment, once you receive my invoice.
  2. Instead, use my email to send me money from your PayPal account.
  3. If you would rather just simply use the QR code
  4. After that, PayPal keeps this information to use over and over again.

Paying Online via Fresha

Make a payment
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Pay one of two ways
  1. Choose your treatment make the booking and fill in your details, and pay at the same time
  2. Make your booking
    1. Pay before you leave home to attend your treatment
    2. Just after treatment before you leave Jacksfeet

This is a great way to pay for courses and events

Bank Transfer

A lot of my clients prefer this way to pay

  1. Because you have more control of your money
    • In other words, pay when it’s best for you,
      • When you’re paid, pay it forward monthly
      • Before treatment, clients often pay when they receive their 24-hour reminder about upcoming treatment.
      • Just after treatment whilst still with me
  2. They’re no bank charges for either party
  3. If you wish to use this method, I will give you the information when we meet, at first contact.
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