Online Massage Training

Can’t get to a therapist, and want to start this work straight away – ‘Lets get started’ and learn Your Abdominal Massage Online

Online Treatment and Training

Four questions

  1. Suffering and in pain?
  2. Wanting relief from your condition?
  3. Upset digestive system?
  4. Do you need to start treatments straight away?

Right! In other words let’s get started!

How does this Online Massage work?

Kick start your treatments straight away, remember once you have completed this course you can work on your own abdomen daily.

When we meet Face to face I can help you ajust your massage to make it more effective if needed and we can go over the majic hat of tricks and tips.

Practice daily until we can meet up, during the treatment I can do all the back and deeper abdominal work your not able to do on yourself.

About Online Massage Training

  • I invite you to fill in a form as much as you’re prepared to or can, this will give me a great base to start working with you.
  • Initially we start with a casual chat for about an ½ hour via Phone, ZOOM, Face time or WhatsApp.
  • Followed by a 2½ hour session, during this time I’ll instruct you in Your Abdominal Massage.
  • We will also cover only relevant basic anatomy and physiology of the abdominal organs. Let’s concentrate on your specific problems, Digestive, Uterine, Prostate, bladder, or bowel and plan together how this work will benefit you.
  • Then in a week’s time I’ll do the first one-hour follow-up call to see how you’re getting on. During this call, I’ll assess your techniques and answer any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Finally, this is optional if you would like in another week a second follow-up call can take place.
  • I also support you with detailed online handouts and information leaflets.
  • Book in for your Face to face treatment with me at a time that suites you best.

Your first steps

  • Book an online appointment either over the phone while we are talking or using my online booking system.
  • Once you have paid, I’ll forward you all the online meeting details
  • Fill in the form and submit it to me before the booked video call.

Once I have received your payment, the completed form, dates, and times confirmed. Great now we’re all set to go.

How will I learn Online?

I will send you the detailed handouts on how to perform the massage, for you to follow. Please wait until after the training session before you start performing your abdominal massage.

During the Zoom training we’ll go through all why’s and wherefores.

Throughout the training you’ll have ample opportunity to practice the massage.

You’ll also have plenty of time to ask questions

Online Massage Training What do I learn?

  • The story of Dr Rosita Arvigo and her work. This workshop is based on her teachings and that of the traditional healers who shared their ancient wisdom and knowledge with her. 4,000 years old knowledge.
  • How to Perform the Abdominal Massage, a simple massage for you to perform on yourself daily at home.
  • What to massage where and when to use and not use the massage
  • The benefits of the Abdominal Massage and how it helps maintain optimal function of the abdominal organs.
  • The basic relevant anatomy and physiology of the belly and Uterus/Prostate/Digestive system/Bowel/Urinary System and the adjoining organs.
  • When you can and shouldn’t do this work, the why’s and wherefores.
  • We’ll cover the causes, signs, and symptoms of suboptimal uterine health and common conditions that affect the abdominal organs.

Sessions Plan

Online massage

Firstly, a ½ hour online session.

Our Initial contact let’s chat about your health story, have your questions ready you want me to answer. At this time we can also put together your treatment plan.

online massage

Secondly, a 2½ hour online training session. During this session we cover

  1. How to perform the simple abdominal massage. You will hear one, oberve one, and do one. we will Perform and practice the massage together
  2. You can use oil if you would like to. If not it’s easy to perform the massage over clothes.

Importantly, we also cover contraindications and concerns when you can/can’t/ should/ shouldn’t massage. Best oils/creams/gels to use. When and where to massage.

Throughout the training I will relate to relevant anatomy and physiology, orans and systems of the body, explaining what organ we’re massaging and how it’s benefitting you.

online massage

Thirdly, an online hour follow-up calls. Further, emails containing any extra information you may need.

Checking in! how you’re getting on with the Abdominal Massage. We can again massage our abdomens together.

Massage online face to face

Fourth, a 1½ to 2 hour face to face session.

Optional, you don’t have to take me up on this. Book a one to one, face to face Treatment.

What is a session plan?

  1. For example, it’s a contract between you and me.
    • That I will fulfil my obligations to you. Providing you with the treatments, information and training agreed.
    • In return, you will attend your appointments and practice your self-care at home to achieve more from your treatments.
  2. We will plan the minimum number of treatments you will need.
  3. During the planning stage, we will look at which modalities will benefit you the most. Subsequently revisited throughout your visits, also your massage techniques.
  4. In order to make sure the plans working we make an assessment and alterations/adjustments implemented as required
Pelvic Steam experiential day

Online Massage Discussion time

  • A further discussion on what’s included in this therapy. In addition to the massage, there are complementary modalities that enhance the treatment. For instance these include:
  • Castor oil packs
  • Pelvic Steam
  • The Faja
  • Rainforest Remedies

If you only do half the work as a result you only get half the reward

Rosita Arvigo

Training household remedies

Things you might need during online video

  1. Paper/Pens and Pencils.
  2. Handouts and workbook.
  3. Wear loose comfortable clothes.
  4. Clothes you do not mind if they get oil on them.
  5. Make sure you are warm and have a good connection to the internet.
  6. With your knowledge and experience, you will be surprised at the amount you already know.
  7. Remember no question is a stupid one!
  8. Ask me anything you want to show me or discuss.
  9. Water or a hot drink.
  10. Meanwhile, make sure you will not be interrupted and turn your landline off if you have one.

Thank You

I recognise the traditional Healers who have made it possible for me to practice this work. Don Elijio famous Shaman of Belize, Miss Hortence traditional midwife and the other healers and midwives. I respect their teachings and the roots of this work from the ancient Maya and those who came before us.

Don Elijio by Rosita

Miss Hortence by Rosita

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