Seated Massage

The Ultimate Seated Massage

The Seated Massage!  Great to use for onsite massage, in the office, at events.  When running short of time, looking for a quick fix.  As a result, you will feel awake, rejuvenated, loose and free.

About the Treatment

Button for therapies PricesMany civilisations have used seated massage for thousands of years.  It comes from the street vendors, mainly found in India, hence the name Indian head and shoulders massage.  Stop the Masseur in the street and get a massage there and then.  Nowadays the therapist comes to your workplace carrying a chair.

Quick Fix
Seated Chair Massge
A non-invasive massage often delivered fully clothed

Known as a quick fix, research in the workplace has proven this.  Staff who receive a regular seated ‘onsite’ demonstrate improvements.  Firstly in Health Less time taken off work due to illness (massage boosts the immune system).  Secondly Wealth, employees become more productive, they have better concentration and make fewer mistakes.  Thirdly Happiness, the employee feels like you care for and respect them.
The best results found where?  In short an establishment where the staff pay a nominal amount up to half towards the treatment.  Because they have contributed the staff will not opt-out it cost them, therefore, there’s no way they will refuse.  If the company pays it all the staff will opt-out, just not turn up.  They act like the company is making them have the massage, ‘I’ve got much too much to do!’

Events, limited free time!
  1. Seated massage treatment
    Used for generations as a Quick Fix

    Need your shoulder loosening?

  2. Suffer from headaches?
  3. Always on the go, and don’t have a lot of time
  4. Have a sedentary job?

Most importantly I can perform this massage anywhere and any time.  In an ordinary chair fully clothed.  The therapist can concentrate on the head, neck and shoulders areas.  Making it more like to a remedial massage, resulting in giving you immediate relief. It also means you can afford more frequent regular massages.  The use of a massage chair inevitably makes your lower back available.

Pre Treatment

At an event, on-site.

  • I will ask you to sign that you have no complaints that should concern me.
  • A quick chat about the treatment and your expectations

Button to client form Ultimate back MassageIn a therapy setting

  • Once you have booked your appointment and submitted your new client form I will contact you for your free consultation.
  • Click on the link for your new client form
What happens during a treatment?
Seated massage
Seated Massage
  1. Quick check  no changes from when we had our phone conversation
  2. I will help you settle into the chair, altering the head and chest rests if necessary.
  3. Any specific areas of your back, neck, head that require attention will have more time spent on it.
  4. I shall perform the massage with you fully clothed. if you prefer I will use oils.
  5. Do not stand up straight away, let your muscles and spine settle first.
  6. At first, move around slowly once you mobilise.
Post Treatment
  1. Button for contact me seated massageIf you should have any adverse effects to this treatment, they will only last for 24 hours.
  2. This massage does stimulate the body to detox, therefore, you may experience some changes
  3. For example, your urine may have become darker in colour, and stronger in smell.
  4. As a rule especially after a massage you should drink water, this prevents dehydration and aids the body to detox
  5. Finally please do not hesitate to contact me post-treatment
How to book
Book now
book on an event

  • Click on the link to my online booking service Shedul.
  • Book at the event click on ticket source.
  • Contact me to make arrangements to come into your workplace
  • However if you have questions submit the information form.
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