At Jacksfeet for our Facials, we only use natural, ethically sourced, replenishable products

About the Facials

Products I use, I always try to use products that are reliably sourced and replenishable.

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Rose Water
  • Cleansers and moisturisers – carrier and essential oils
  • Natural masks – like oats and seaweed
  • Scrubs – finely ground, peach kernel, oats, loofa
  • Toners – diluted floral waters, witch hazel.  
  • I do not use commercially produced or manufactured products.

7 stages to our Facials

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  1. Skin analysis, to establish your skin type and identify problem areas.
  2. Cleanse, performed x 2 once to remove surface dirt, the second time to actually cleanse the skin.
  3. Scrub, used to gently exfoliate dead skin cells.
  4. Mask, deep cleanse the skin drawing out impurities
  5. Tone, gentle astringent to close the pores of the skin
  6. Massage, increase blood flow to the skin and lymphatic drainage to remove any toxins
  7. Moisturise, to bring balance to the skin reduce sebum production in oily skin and increase its production in dry skin, prevent damage to the skin in cold and hot weather.

Three Facials to choose from

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First Luxury Facials a Full Treatment

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Luxury Facials

These full treatments will take the minimum of 45 minutes.  Allow an hour for this treatment this includes 15 minutes for consultation, dressing and undressing time. This facial will deep cleanse your skin as well as improve its texture, tone and appearance, reducing blemishes and balancing the skins natural oils.  During this treatment whilst the mask is in situ you also receive a head and scalp massage or some Reflexology.

Second Everyday Facials a Part Treatment

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Everyday Facials

For a part treatment, allow a minimum of 30 minutes, 20 minutes for treatment and 10 minutes consultation, dressing and undressing time. This treatment is for those who want to improve their complexion and skincare routine. A monthly Everyday Facial will make all the difference to your facial skin. Supporting the skin in maintaining the balancing of its sebum, which helps to prevent some of the more common skin conditions such as acne and comedones.

Third Pamper Party and Events Facials

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Pamper Party Facial

We offer Facials at the pamper parties and events.  It’s a very simple facial that includes, cleanse, scrub, face massage and moisturise.  We use only Almond, Grapeseed or Coconut oil to perform this facial so there is very little risk of allergy or any unwanted reactions.  The Facial leaves your face feeling clean, soft and looking fresh if you choose this treatment at a party bring your make up with you if you wish to refresh it after the treatment.

About the Masks and Scrubs

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Facials Scrubs

I have chosen natural masks that encourage the skin, hair, feet and body to Detox and improve the general condition of the skin and hair. They also help to balance natural oil production, oily to produce less, dry to produce more. Also, you can make them yourself for the 10 minute facial at home; they’re easy to obtain and use.  

Seaweed masks
Seaweed Masks

The scrubs have a dual-use, use them for both mask and scrub. Come for a Luxury Facial and Jacqueline will teach you about the masks and how to use them on your hair, face, feet and hands. I’ve made the products available to you at Jacksfeet.

10-minute Facial Training

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10 minute Facial

Expand your knowledge and skincare routine.  This training session will give you all the information you need to really look after your own and your families skin. We will look at skin types, take a quick review of the anatomy and function of the skin, learn the routine and a simple massage you can perform on yourself. Discuss the products that best suit your skin’s type.

How to book a Facial

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Its easy choose one of these 3 ways

  • Fill in a request form submit it and then I can get back to you
  • Call me direct, text or message me
  • Book online at Shedul

nb. While I am working I’m unable to answer the phone. My phone is on silent because I di not want it to disturb our treatment. A missed call and messages show up in notifications on my phone, when I’m free I can return your call. Therefore leave me a message and I’ll get back to you.

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