Event Facial

I developed the Pamper Party and Event Facial so that you can experience this treatment at little cost and time.

About the Pamper Party and Event Facial

Its a special treatment that I only do at parties and events, its a taster of whats to come. It gives you a chance to try something new, that you have not tried before and a chance to get to know how it feels.

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How the event facial works

I developed the pamper party and event facial for those occasions when there’s not a lot of time and yet the treatment remains effective. Even though this treatments’ only a short experience it will surprise you the effect it has on your skin. It will look brighter, cleaner plus feeling softer and smoother. The treatment takes 10 to 20 minutes depending on the time available.

Consultation for an Event Facial

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We do not have a lot of time therefore you must give me relevant and concise information. I need to know your allergies if any, also if you’re taking any medication. This information must include ailments or any skin conditions that present a concern for having the treatment.

Pre Treatment

I will have a disclaimer for you to sign just to say you have read the information and that you do not have any ailments that may cause concern for me.

Event facial Pamper Party
Pamper party and events facial
  • Allergies
  • Diabetes
  • Epilepsy
  • Heart Problems
  • Medication ie. anticoagulants
  • Recent operation less than 1 year
  • Unknown lumps and bumps

During Treatment

I will use hypoallergenic oils. Grapeseed, almond or coconut base oils and safe essential oils that you can use with babies. There will be 3 preblended oils to choose from

  1. A light flowery blend, clearing and uplifting
  2. Musky grounding, nurturing blend
  3. Anti-inflammatory
event facials
Lavender excellent for the skin

The treatment will include

Firstly, I will cleanse the skin x2, using one of the base oil

Secondly, I will apply a toner, a natural astringent either diluted witch hazel or rose water

Finally, I will give you a facial massage including the use of lymphatic drainage pressure points.

Post Treatment

I will have given you my details, get in touch with me, I’m always ready to answer questions and pass on information

Follow me on face book so that you can see what I’m up to

Booking a Treatment

Choose one of two ways to book your treatment.

  1. Fill in the request form and indicate you’re interested in hosting a pamper party. once you have submitted the form and I have received it I will get back to you.
  2. Contact me direct by telephone, text or message me. we can have a chat and I can book you manually.

nb. Whilst working my phones always on silent, I do not want it disturbing our treatment. I check the phone regularly and any missed calls, messages emails show up in notifications. When I’m free I pick these messages up and get back to you. I will arrange a time when we both have plenty of time for me to answer you questions fully.

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