Contact Jacqueline

Use one of these methods to contact Jacqueline, if you wish to speak to her in person text or email and leave your phone number.  To book a treatment on line use Shedul, or to book an event Ticket Source.
You can also reach me vu Face book

Contact Phone or email

Contact button

Phone 07973 614 555
It is best to Text because if I am with a client I am unable to answer the phone.  As soon as I am free usually I will get back to you straight away.
Generally my emails are checked daily, this is not always guaranteed a quick way to get in touch  I will contact you within 48 hours

Contact on line
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Book on Line

Shedul on line booking system:

  • To begin with choose the treatment you wish to book then book now
  • Next click on date and time you would like, if the slot you have chosen is not available it will ask you to pick another
  • By the way if  you have not booked on line before you will be asked to fill in your details
  • Included in the software is the ability to now pay at this time too.
  • Finally Jacqueline will be sent an email that you have made an appointment
Contact ticket source button
Ticket Source

Ticket Source 

  • Book and pay on line for an event ticket or course you wish to attend
  • Select the event you want to book and follow instructions as directed


Contact Jacqueline via Face Book

or messenger


How to pay

In addition to paying via Shedul or ticket source if you contact Jacqueline directly, she will inform you of the other methods she uses.

Fill in a relevant form and submit to Jacqueline

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