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How to get hold of me, book to have a treatment, book on a course?  Here’s how to contact me here!

Contact Jacqueline

Phone O7973 614 555

Use one of these methods to make contact with me.
However when I’m working my phones kept on silent, because I don’t want the phone interrupting your treatment

Firstly, Texting’s best to contact me

Texting’s best

Contact Jacqueline
Free Telephone consultation

A text sits and waits for me to pick it up when I’m unable to answer the phone because I’m with a client. Leave me your name and request, how can I help you? When I have read your message I’ll message you back to arrange a time when we’re both free.


I regularly check my phone, if I don’t answer leave me a message.  Leave me your name and a short explanation of the reason for your call.  I’ll ring you back later.

Secondly, Contact me using email

Enquiry Form

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Fill in and submit the enquiry form that’s at the top of the page.  My phones sent a notification that I have a message ready to read. Leave information about your query and questions. Once I have received and read the form I will contact you answer all your questions and have a good chat.


I check my emails daily.  However, texting’s a quicker way to get in touch.
Emailing’s a great way to get in touch especially when you need more. For instance written information, handouts, flyers, confirmation, of course, bookings and more.

Thirdly, Booking Online


jacksfeet shedul contact Jacqueline

Click on the link there’s loads of information on shedul about the training and events of the treatment.
If you’re wanting a specific date, contact me directly then I can book you in manually.

Ticket Source

Wanting to attend one of my pre-booked courses, book a slot at an event?  You can book a place on Ticket source.
•Book and pay online for an event ticket or course you wish to attend.
•Select the event you want to book and follow instructions as directed

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