Luxury Facial

The Luxury Facial is a Full Treatment, its gentle to the skin throughout the treatment. However, it deep cleanses the skin. Balances sebum production and helps with some skin conditions especially where inflammation and infections involved.

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About the Luxury Facial

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Luxury Facials

Allow at least 60 minutes for this treatment. 45 to 50 minutes of treatment time 10 to 15 minutes for consultation, pre and post treatment dressing time. first treatment allow 90 minutes for the treatment, because we need to analyse your skin in depth.

How it works

  1. Because chemicals not being used to strip the skin, sebum production balances its self naturally.
  2. Gentle exfoliation prevents the skin from becoming thick and dull
  3. Masks help to moisturise, soften and deep cleanse the skin
  4. Oils used help to reduce inflammation and clear infections

Free Consultation

When you book a treatment I will arrange a suitable time for me to contact you. Then we can talk about the treatment and what you would like to achieve.

Pre Treatment

  • I’m certainly interested in your likes and dislikes, Flowers, herbs, spices, musk what smells do you prefer? This will help me to plan your treatment and blend oils that best suite your skin the most effective.
  • After our conversation, I will have put together all the necessary products and equipment required and ready to go.
  • Please wear clothes that you do not have to off and on over your head, and you don’t mind if they get oil on them. I will have you towled up and you can remove your top clothes to avoid this happening.

During Treatment

Your comforts a priority

Firstly, I will make sure that your comforts maintained at all times. Pillows, cushions and blankets to keep you warm, supported and protected.

Whilst the mask is in situ for 10 to 20 minutes I will either perform a scalp, neck and shoulder massage or work on relevant reflexes on your feet, choose which you would like.

To help you let go I may use a hot stone layout if you would like me to. I can also use the on your feet to work the reflexes

The essential oil blend I use during your facial massage I will have checked with you at the start of the treatment ‘that you like it’. If it smell s good to you its right for you.

Throughout your luxury facial treatment, you’re encouraged to just take time out let go and drift off into that peaceful place within.

Post Treatment

After the treatment we can discuss how you can continue to care for your skin at home.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch with me

Booking a Treatment

Like with all my treatments you can choose one of three ways to book your treatment.

  1. Fill in the request form once you have submitted the form and I have received it I will get back to you.
  2. Contact me direct by telephone, text or message me. we can have a chat and I can book you manually.
  3. Click on the link to my online booking system and choose your venue, date and time

nb. Whilst working my phones always on silent, I do not want it disturbing our treatment. I check the phone regularly and any missed calls, messages emails show up in notifications. When I’m free I pick these messages up and get back to you. I will arrange a time when we both have plenty of time for me to answer you questions fully.

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