Castor Oil

Castor Oil packs for healing

The oil I use to massage even has a castor oil base.   I may even decide to put a pack on either your abdomen or sacrum during your massage.

About the Oil

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Castor oil Pack

The reason I love all this abdominal work.  Is because of the way its steeped in tradition and ancient knowledge, and the fact simply that it works.  As you can observe when you use it, it does what it says on the bottle.   When applied to a scar daily over a period of time the scar becomes feint.  Meanwhile, observations have noted that internal scar tissue has reduced and dissolved after operations and damage to internal organs.  Other properties include antibacterial, viral and fungal, anti-inflammatory, great for the digestive system and the liver.

When do I use Castor Oil?

Two important examples of the use

Castor Oil
Virgin pressed Castor oil

First. When I menstruate I bleed really heavily!

The Liver produces glycoprotein fibrinogen. If the liver is congested its unable function fully.  It becomes unable to produce its products in adequate amounts.  Therefore if a lady comes with this problem one of the first things I would plan to do detox the liver.  Consequently, I would teach you how to use castor oil packs at home for better results.

Fibrinogen has two functions on the body.

Firstly when we bleed thrombin converts fibrinogen into fibrin, a natural clotting agent in our blood.  High amounts exist in a woman’s bloodstream between day 5 and 15 of menstruation.  Its believed this is because the body is naturally stemming the blood flow in the Endometrium.
Secondly, when fibrin combines with thrombin it has an anti coagulating effect.  Known as antithrombin, this comes into play when its time for the endometrium to shed.  It helps the old endometrium to fall away from the sides of the womb.  This results in a much cleaner womb for the formation of the new endometrium.

Second. My scar’s inflamed, what can I do? 

Castor Oil is anti-inflammatory and a strong analgesic.  Using a castor oil pack reduces swelling and inflammation. It can also help dissolve the scaring and reduce the size of the scar, especially if it’s quite recent.  Excellent to use where you have any swollen arthritic joints.

Castor oil
The Benefits of castor oil

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12 Great Health Benefits of Castor Oil

How to use it

It’s extremely easy to use and effective, you will love it.  It will become one of those things that you always have in stock in your cupboard.  I will during your treatment time talk to you about using the oil and building it into your treatment plan.  I have a detailed manual on the modalities and how to use them for you to use at home.

Other Modalities

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