Pelvic Steam bath

Indigenous people throughout the world use this method of healing, the pelvic steam bath treatment, has several names. Yoni, Bajos, Chai yok, Vaginal or Perineal Steam to name a few.

Why use a Pelvic Steam bath?

Why use a Pelvic Steam bath?

About the Pelvic Steam bath Treatment

As it happens, I use different herbs according to what ailments to treat. To make the steam, you can use the herbs either dry or fresh. You will need more fresh than dry. The treatment’s simple to set up and certainly an enjoyable experience. Used regularly at least once a month you will get amazing results.

The Steams Uses

Pelvic Steam treatment
Pelvic Steam

Used for a variety of conditions, especially where it requires a gentle increase in temperature. Parts of the perineum consists of mucous membranes. When the blood flow increases in this area, the absorption of healing properties from the plants occurs. For example, some natural properties carried upon the steam include antibiotics, analgesics, antifungal, antispasmodics, and anti-inflammatories. The steam generally increases the warmth in the whole body, increasing blood flow, lymphatic drainage and the flow of energy.  Therefore, bringing fresh nutrients, oxygen and minerals to the organs. At the same time removing excess waste, carbon dioxide and toxins. Consequently, this improves the health and function of the organs.

When to use the Pelvic Steam treatment?

Two examples of why you would use a Pelvic steam

Some of us suffer from Chronic urine infections

This treatment used over a period of time can help with this condition. For example, choose to use a mixture of soothing anti-inflammatory, viral and bacterial herbs to make your steam with. This will help to strengthen your immune system, reduce inflammation in the bladder and help to relax the smooth muscle.

Heavy bleeding during menses.

Ladies Manlte Pelvic steam
Ladies Mantle good for stemming Bleeding

At different times in our lives, for various reasons, anyone with a uterus can suffer from this. To have steam before and after menses, every month, helps greatly. Because of the increase in blood flow to the uterus, it aids the uterus to function optimally. To conceive the endometrium needs to be thick and fluffy full of fresh blood.  Any old endometrium not shed fully can prevent a fertilised egg from implanting.  

In this case, if the endometrium has not shed fully it leads to heavier and more painful periods. This is because the Uterus is trying to clear out the old unwanted endometrium. Therefore, the herbs we choose in this instance would be antispasmodic, in some cases haemostatic and clearing properties.

NB do not use actually during menses, you do not want to haemorrhage.

How to use the Steam

Experiential day pelvic steam
Link to experiential day

As part of the abdominal therapy treatment, it’s customary for the therapist to introduce you to this modality.  You can experience a steam pre- or post-treatment.  Ask me when you book or when we have our telephone consultation about this.  I have detailed work sheets that I hand out to you during your treatments on how to use this treatment correctly.

Or book on an experiential day, click the link for more information.

There’s also courses in Abdominal Therapy where you learn more about what this work does or book for an experiential treatment

I’ll teach you about this when you come for a treatment

The faja, castor oil pelvic steam treatment
Castor Oil packs faja pelvic steam treatment

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