Wearing a Faja

Wearing a Faja, it’s clearly an important tool in my toolbox.  A versatile length of cloth used on many occasions to achieve different things.  Mainly used as an essential accessory to support the abdomen, and back when stood, walking long distances, during manual labour and pregnancy. and Also helps protect the abdominal organs, and hips and maintaining their optimal alignment.

The Faja it’s Uses

As a result of wearing one correctly, we can prevent damage to and displacement of the abdominal organs.  Suitable for all genders.

About the Faja

Faja Hip Loom
Making a Faja on a Hip loom

Traditionally made from a length of woven cloth.  Approximately 12 inches wide, because in Belize they make them on a hip loom.  The material has to be firm no stretch otherwise it wouldn’t work.
In the olden days in Spain, women customarily wore them around their abdomen to create a feminine shape.  This practice I do not either encourage or endorse it.  The abdomen becomes squashed, restricting the flow of blood, lymph and energy to the organs which could lead to problems arising.

Wearing a faja?  As part of your Abdominal Therapy Treatment Plan!

Definitely two good reasons for wearing one

I have a prolapse?  

Red Faja

In this case, you would wear the Faja after performing THE ABDOMINAL MASSAGE.  Tying the knot of the Faja in the most relevant place to support the bladder, uterus, and rectum.  Encouraging the organs to remain lying in their correct position, giving overstretched ligaments the support they need to heal.

A Red Faja gives the abdomen real energetic, and spiritual as well as physical Support

I suffer from back pain?  

Button to Faja

In this instance, the Faja is supporting your back.  The Faja’s opened to full width, firstly placed it over the abdomen secondly tying the knot over the pubic bone.  Of course, you do not tie it that tight it restricts the flow of blood, lymph, and energy.  Pregnant ladies find this a great comfort especially when the baby is nearly full-term and heavy to carry.

Wearing a faja How to tie the knot

The first thing to remember when tying the knot.  It must not stop the flow of blood in the abdomen and to the legs.   I can not say this enough it’s important to tie it correctly, this is why I will teach you how to tie it during your treatment.  Every time you visit I’ll check with you, you’re tying it correctly. There’s also have a hand out that explains how to tie the faja in full for you to refer to at home.

Wearing a Faja. Where do I learn how to tie a faja?

I will teach you this and there’s a PDF handout for you to refer to

During your initial treatment and follow-up treatments

Book onto an Experiential day to experience a full abdominal therapy treatment and experiment with the faja and the other modalities

Join me on one of my training days, either online or face to face.

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