Abdominal Therapy

When you receive your Abdominal Therapy Treatment, remember its not just a massage it’s a treatment! This therapy gives you the knowledge to take your health literally into your own hands. You will learn how to perform Your Abdominal Massage to use on yourself daily

Abdominal Therapy Treatments

Steeped in ancient Maya traditions and techniques, that Rosita Arvigo received from her Maya masters.  Combining these with her own techniques and knowledge learnt during studying for her PhD in Naprapathy. The treatment comprises to start with a deep whole back massage, followed with an external abdominal massage then there are the other complementary modalities to enhance the treatment. Abdominal massage stimulates circulation and blood flow within the abdominal area and its organs.

Abdominal Therapy

Rosita & Jacqueline after receiving my advanced training

About Abdominal Therapy Treatments

Rosita advises for the best results you complete a course of 2 -3  consecutive treatments at least once a month. nb. For those who menstruate, book your treatment between days 5 and 13 of your cycle.  Preferably do not book an initial treatment whilst you are bleeding or after ovulation

Abdominal Therapy

Don Elijio the Maya Shaman who Rosita was an apprentice to for many years

Pre Treatment Consultation 1 hour

Due to today’s climate, we are being asked to keep direct contact time to the minimum. To do this your consultation will take place on the phone |zoom | face time or whats app.

During our telephone conversation, I will have gathered a comprehensive amount of information.   Especially from the consultation form. Giving me an insight into your past and present healthcare needs. This will enable us to focus on your problems, piece together a treatment plan and start to improve your health.  It will also give us the opportunity to answer your questions.

What to expect during an Abdominal Therapy session:

Initial Treatment – allow 2 Hours

  1. I will assess the positioning of your spine, hips and sacrum. A lot of abdominal problems can start with you tripping over and putting your back and hips out of alignment.
  2. Deep massage to the back, sacrum and hips to free up the back.  Softening the muscles, ligaments, tendons and releasing the joints.  Helping the back to return to its correct alignment. It will also stimulate flow of energy, circulation and nerve supply to the organs of the abdomen
  3. Upper and lower abdominal massage performed helping to further improve circulation, lymphatic drainage and a healthy nerve supply to abdominal organs.
  4. I will give you instructions in ‘YOUR ABDOMINAL MASSAGE’, how to perform it on yourself.   I’ll give you detailed handouts for you to refer to when at home.  Then you can practice at home with confidence, this will enhance your professional sessions.
  5. I will also give you relevant instruction in the complementary modalities that we use in this therapy to assist us in our work and help maintain your health.

Evaluation of body posture

Abdominal Therapy

I’ll assess your pelvis, if it’s out of alignment slightly, it can contribute towards your problems. Therefore this needs taking into account when assessing your ailments and treatment plan.  During the treatment, I gently work the pelvis to free the sacrum which will help to correct alignment.

Your Abdominal Massage

Detox Massage Abdominal Therapy

Now you know how to perform YOUR ABDOMINAL MASSAGE on yourself.  Practice the massage daily, when at home to increase your benefits.  The more work you do enhances your professional sessions leading to better results

With half the work you only get half the results”

Rosita Arvigo

Follow up Abdominal Therapy Treatments allow  1 to 1½ hours

  1. On arrival, we will review and check out what changes you have experienced since your last Treatment.  
  2. Next, you will receive a full Abdominal Therapy Treatment.  
  3. Then, I will review your abdominal massage techniques, correcting hand positions and strokes if necessary.  
  4. Finally, at this time we’ll discuss any concerns you may have, and if required make changes to your plan.

On line Treatment & Training


Let’s get started straight away. There’s an added advantage to this I will teach you Your Abdominal Massage whilst we’re talking. This means you can begin your daily treatments straight away and not have to wait until we meet.

abdominal therapy

Once I have your new client form and I have received payment we can arrange a Zoom conference. I can answer all your questions, we can chat about your health issues. Work out the best treatment plan for you and I will teach you Your Abdominal Massage before you come for your first treatment.


I will introduce you to the complimentary modalities that we use in our treatments.  These complement and support your health and wellness.

Complimentary Modalities

I can only recommend these Supportive modalities based on my qualification, and my scope of practice. I know they work and safe to use I will not recommend if I have any concerns about you using them.

The Faja

The faja abdominal therapy treatment

The wearing of a traditional lower abdominal supportive wrap. During our sessions, I will teach you how to tie it correctly, and when not to wear it. This is excellent where both abdominal and back problems exist good for all genders.  I have an information sheet for you that fully explains all you need to know about the Faja

Pelvic Steam

Pelvic steam

Known in some cultures as a Bojo, or Yoni steam.  Its a steam bath made from dried herbs,  which help to warm and soothe the internal organs.  The heat gently increases blood flow, aiding the body to absorb the plant’s oils.  The oils help to maintain health and assist in the treatment of ailments. Great to use before any internal examinations, it helps soften the tissues.  For example, to fit a coil the cervix is softer making it easier to insert.

Castor Oil Packs

Castor Oil packs Abdominal Therapy

Like many traditional healing plants, we have used them for thousands of years.  The Egyptians kept records of castor oils use 4,000 years ago. Used where there’s pain, inflammation, scar tissue and toxins found.  It is a very simple procedure, that you will certainly enjoy using at home as part of the treatment.  I often use a pack during treatments if there is a lot of pain, swelling or inflammation.

A typical treatment plan

Typically, it takes 2 or 3 professional Abdominal Therapy Treatments, to address most conditions. You may need 5 -6 treatments or more because some conditions will require more treatments. Your Abdominal Massage at home is a vital component of the overall treatment.  It enhances the work you receive from me. To help maintain health ideally you need to have regular treatments

Booking an Abdominal Therapy Treatment

How to book

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Abdominal Therapy Treatment & Training.

abdominal Therapy
abdominal therapy
abdominal therapy
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Abdominal Therapy
abdominal therapy
Abdominal Therapy
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