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Ultimate Massage Experience

After years of training, gathering knowledge and experience, I have become a well known and respected therapist.  Because of this hard work, I have developed the Ultimate Massage Experience Treatment.  Adjusting and fusing different styles, disciplines and approaches.  I pull on all my expertise to make each experience unique for you.  Ensuring you walk away feeling transformed.

Ultimate Massage Experience

Full Treatment

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A full treatment allow at least a full hour, the massage takes 45 to 50 minutes, in this time I work on the whole body!  Unlike a traditional Full Body massage namely Swedish and Deep tissue there’s no routine.  For instance, I work the areas that need attention most.  An example, you have a particularly tight shoulder. I work the whole back plus using Reflexology I release the shoulder and hip reflex (cross reflexes) in the foot.  The actual shoulder joint in the physical body becomes loose and free.  I can’t manipulate the actual shoulder because of the pain, so I work the feet instead.  During your visit, there are 10 to 15 minutes allowed for consultation, dressing and undressing outside of treatment time.

Part Treatment

During a part treatment, I work on only a section of the body ie. Back, Abdomen, Legs. The treatment lasts 20 to 25 minutes. They’re 5 to 10 minutes extra time allocated for consultation, dressing and undressing.

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Seated Massage
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What happens during an Ultimate Massage Experience Treatment

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Think Pop Up

The treatment starts with you talking about your reason for having a treatment.  More importantly, how you want to feel.  

At the start of the treatment, I will ask you ‘how do you want to feel?  Use positive words: Free; Loose; Light; Grounded; Connected; Whole, Refreshed, Energised, Calm – use your own words.  

For example, if you said ‘my shoulder is tight!’, think about what the opposite is.  Imprinting positive thoughts into the tissues, and establishing the type of treatment you need.  

Finally, the music chosen starts to play and the treatment begins.

Using the Five Elements to choose a massage style

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Fire – energising, used to stimulate and warm up the muscle for instance pre-physical training, fast and stimulating.
Air – replenishing,  for the depleted person.  Due to illness or overworking needing their energy levels increased, slow and deep.
Water – flowing/nurturing, great for emotional problems.
Earth – Grounding or connected
Ether a mixture.  I will be ‘listening’ to your tissues and work accordingly.  Intuitively moving around your body.

Included in the Ultimate Massage Experience Treatment

Although the treatments based on a full body massage, it’s not just a full body massage. The treatment unquestionably consists mainly of massage techniques. However, it will certainly include my other disciplines. Firstly, I will incorporate whichever of these you have indicated you would like included. Secondly, I will choose the ones that I feel are appropriate. Reflexology, Hot Stones, Aromatherapy, Colon Massage, Facial massage and Reiki.  All together makes up ‘The Ultimate Massage Experience’.   

Prior to Treatment

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I must have all the information that I require to make your treatment successful. That’s why I ask for you to fill in the appropriate application form and submit it to me. After booking and or once I have received the form, I will arrange a Telephone consultation. This will cut down on consultation time at the beginning of the treatment. Allowing more time for the treatment it’s self.

Post Treatment

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  • After your treatment, it’s important to take time out, to allow your body to settle and for healing to take place.
  • Any side effects you may experience after receiving the massage will only last 24 to 48 hours maximum.
  • You may experience some Detoxing symptoms. Increased urine output, a change in colour and smell. Changes in your stools Colour, floating, sinking, smell.
  • Take care of yourself, make sure you drink at least three litres of fluid, this will prevent dehydration if you’re detoxing.
  • Finally, if you have any concerns do not hesitate to contact me straight away

How to Book an Ultimate Massage Experience Treatment

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Firstly, once you have chosen the Treatment you would like you can go online and book. Click the link to Shedul.

Secondly, You can fill in an enquiry form and submit it to me. Once I have received it I will contact you. We can have a chat where I can answer your questions and book you in manually.

Lastly, you can text me. I keep my phone on silent when I’m massaging, because I’m unable to answer it and it will disturb you while your having your massage.

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