Post Treatment Care

Post Treatment Care after all treatment’s, as a result of your treatment, the body needs to integrate what has changed. What areas have become loose, soft, pain-free? Give yourself at least half an hour to an hour of downtime, it will definitely benefit you greatly in the long run

Post Treatment Care

Therefore, keep yourself warm! For example, wrap yourself up in a blanket with a hot water bottle. In other words, to keep your muscles and organs warm, they require a rich blood flow.

It’s most important to make sure you drink 3 litres of fluid over the next 24 hours. Ideally this includes all fluids, tea, coffee, fruit juice, water headaches, dehydration and constipation.

Because your bodies naturally detoxing, we excrete the toxins via the lungs, skin, urine and faeces. This is why for 24 hours you can experience changes in your excretory organs.

What might I expect?

Your body naturally detoxes after a treatment, for instance you may experience changes in:

  • Your Urine, generally can smell stronger, look darker, you may need to pass urine more frequently. Hence, make sure you keep your fluids up.
  • Similarly, your faeces, may change colour, smell, form, the number of times you pass a stool.
  • Also, your sweat and breath, the smell could be stronger.
  • Likewise, for those with a uterus, the body sometimes uses it to help excrete toxins. Due to its closeness to the rectum, toxins infiltrate the uterus for expelling during the next menses.

These changes, don’t worry they’re a natural response, and short-lived (24 to 36 hours) all part of the healing process!

Post Treatment Care

Post Treatment care
  1. Put your feet up
  2. Have a cup of tea
  3. Listen to some music
  4. Turn down the lights
  5. Have a bath

Preventing an Allergic reaction

You must tell me about your allergies! Because an allergic reaction can happen at any time, and not necessarily after the initial treatment. Especially if you have used a product for a long time, you build up a resistance to it.

Signs and Symptoms of an Allergic reaction

  • Mild to moderate for instance flushing, urticaria, itching, bumps or swelling.
  • However, more serious reactions include the possibility of breathing problems, chest tightening, heart palpitations, lightheadedness, irritation, hair damage/loss or burns.
  • Finally, Anaphylaxis dial 999 and ask for an ambulance.
Post Treatment care

What Should I do if I have a reaction?

  • Any signs of a reaction, contact me straight away!

Mild to Moderate Reaction

  • What to do if you have a mild to moderate reaction
  • Cool the area quickly where there’s a rash, hold affected area under running water, shower off the product, (for at least 20 minutes).
  • Apply either diluted witch hazel or rose water to the affected area of skin
  • If it’s the eye, gently run cool water over the eyes one at a time, nose to ear, so that doesn’t go into the other eye.
  • After that you should get immediate relief
  • Anaphylaxis dial 999 ask for ambulance

Moderate to Severe reaction

  • Immediately seek medical attention, go to GP or A&E straight away.
  • Contact me so that I can give you the name of the product. The medics will want this information to give you the correct treatment.

Post Treatment Care for Allergic reaction

  1. Always tell Jac what your known Allergies are to prevent any reaction from products.
  2. Inform Jac if you have had a reaction, you need to establish what caused the reaction.
  3. Mild reaction if persists, seek medical advice.
  4. Moderate reaction seek medical advice straight away.
  5. Anaphylaxis 999
Post Treatment Care

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