Ultimate Back Massage

The Ultimate Back Massage from Jacksfeet

Jacksfeets, Ultimate Back Massage, a total work out for your back!  I cover the whole back, including the neck, shoulders, arms, upper and lower back.  It gently releases the spine, softens the ligaments and soft tissues of the back.  In this case increasing the blood supply to the spine, nerves, muscles, vertebral disks. Feeding these tissues and organs, bringing fresh blood and oxygen.  Taking away toxins leads to helping them to maintain their health.  One of the ways it works, the removal of toxins can reduce swelling which leads to pain relief.

About the Treatment
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Back Massage Case Study

Button for prices back massageJacksfeet most popular treatment, because of my style the whole bodies worked during this massage. It truly has an enormous effect on the whole body, the feedback I get never ceases to amaze me.  The treatments classed as a Part Treatment because it takes approximately half an hour out of your day.  The massage takes 20 to 25 minutes maximum.

A very versatile massage, I can perform this massage with you fully clothed.  Great at events or on occasions when you would rather not undress.

Pre Treatment
  • Button to client form Ultimate back MassageOnce you have booked a treatment I will get in touch with you for a free consultation.  This reduces contact time and gives us more time for the massage.  It gives us time to discuss the treatment, and me a chance to answer all your questions.
  • Pre-consultation please fill in a new client form, this enables me to familiarise my self with your problems.  I will know your reason for coming, your allergies, medication ailments, medical condition before I start the treatment.
Initial Treatment

Please allow a bit longer time for this treatment.  I may need to clarify a few things with you at the start.

What happens during a treatment?
Ultimate back Massage Shoulder hook
The gentle stretch of the neck and shoulder

The treatment starts when you leave home, think about how you want to feel.  For example, where do you want your shoulders to be?  How do you want to move, walk?
Once you enter the treatment room I will check out with you how you want to feel.  Any changes since last treatment?  Specific areas you want me to work?
I will help you to settle, making you comfortable once laid prone on the couch.  Covered with a clean sheet and blankets to keep you warm.  This prevents loss of body heat when I uncover you and oil the skin.

Post Treatment

Allow your body to settle!  Do not get up straight away, sit on the side of the couch for a while.  I will ask you how do you feel?  This will give me an indication of how well the massage went for you, and if it met your expectations.

Massage stimulates the body to naturally detox, subsequently, this may cause you to experience a few indicators.  Frequent micturition, stronger urine colour and smell, changes in faeces. This is why it is important to drink water post-treatment, to prevent dehydration.   Any reactions you experience only lasts 24 hours 48 maximum.  After that, any symptoms you may have the massage has not caused.

How to book

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  2. Fill in the contact form and submit it to me
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