Colon Massage

The Colon Massage: This massage is primarily designed to support the colon in its function of absorption, digestion and excretion

Button to Colon MassageThe best results from this colon massage especially are when you have 3-5 consecutive treatments, taken over the period of 1 week. For instance a treatment on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It helps where the Colon has become sluggish and needs stimulating for optimal function to be returned.  In this case the massage is working to increase: peristalsis, lymph, circulation and blood flow within the abdominal area.   Therefore generally supporting the body and digestive tract.
The Colon is one of our main Detox organs, aiding the excretion and removal of waste from the body.  A build up of waste in the intestines due to sluggishness can lead to illness, however if the intestines are kept clear the body is healthier.

The Treatment:

Comprises of an abdominal massage using No Hands Massage® Techniques for the abdomen.  Before the colon is worked the abdominal muscles are encouraged to soften, using gentle non invasive strokes.  Therefore allowing for a gentle but deep massage to the colon to be performed.  Throughout the treatment you are supported and totally in control.

Pre Treatment :

Bristol Stool ChartA comprehensive account of your digestive system workings is required,  to help you to meet your needs.  Including the  keeping of a food diary for a few days would  also help.  For instance fill in the form and submit it to Jacqueline prior to treatment, or bring it along with you.  The Bristol stool chart will help you with this, together with recording smell and colour of your stools too.

During Treatment :

Before the massage commences you will be taught hand signals, so that you remain totally in control of the massage during the colon work.   Also you will be encouraged to belly breath.  If you are unsure what this is Jacqueline will teach you this breathing method.  As a result of this breathing it becomes easier for you to let go.  Once the abdomen has softened and you are ready the work will begin.  Remembering to use the hand signals, working with you and your breaths Jacqueline will commence working the colon.   Starting at the caecum and slowly working around the colon to the sigmoid colon.  At any time if there is any discomfort, physical or emotional the treatment stops immediately.  Returning to gentle non invasive massage strokes when your ready.  Only if you want to continue with the treatment will the colon work  begin again.

After Treatment:

Subsequently you will be given time to settle, you are encouraged not to move straight away and to get up slowly.  Afterwards take your time getting ready to leave. Furthermore over the next few days keep a record of your bowel actions and any other changes you are aware of in your body.  For example increased energy, undisturbed sleep or other.

It is important that you take time out post treatment, at least ½ to an hour of rest.

When can I not have a colon massage?

Abdominal pinIn these instances you need to let Jacqueline know about these conditions / ailments / occasions.  If you are on your menses or pregnant.  It would be advisable to time colon massage to take place after menses and before ovulation.
If you have an infection, especially a gastric one.
If you suffer from an inflammatory condition of the bowel for example Chrons, Irritable bowel, Ulcerative colitis.  Especially during an exacerbated active stage.
Abdominal Pain of unknown cause
If you have been diagnosed with Bowel cancer or suspect you may have it.
Any recent abdominal surgery

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Colon Massage Post Treatment

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