Runners Legs

Ideal for those athletes amongst us! Do you suffer from irritable legs, oedema of the ankles and legs?  Try this treatment runners legs, to experience the results.

A Jacksfeets Special The Runners Legs Treatment

What massage can do for you!

This treatments ideal for those of us who do a lot of walking, running or cycling.  Especially if you’re in training for a marathon or long-distance walk.  Build it into your regime, it will help to prevent injury, sprains and strains of the joints, muscles and ligaments.

Runners Legs

Even Hippocrates 4,000 years ago prescribed massage for soldiers to release fatigue and pain while in training and games. He documented that massage loosens tight, and tightens loose, muscles, tendons and ligaments.

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Making the joint more stable and less prone to injury, improving the range of movement.  Massage increases the blood flow into and out of the legs, bringing fresh nutrients to the muscles and waste away.  There’s an improvement in lymphatic drainage which leads to a reduction in static lymph.  Resulting in increased removal of the toxins from the muscles relieving cramp and pain.  To sum up, the muscles become stronger, it also prevents them from tiring quickly and reduces the risk of damage

Irritable Legs

This condition can run in families, but the true reasons unknown. However several actual problems can cause the condition.

  1. Button to Colon ultimate Massage experienceAn Iron deficiency
  2. Dopamine deficiency
  3. Parkinson’s
  4. Diabetes
  5. Rheumatoid Arthritis
  6. Underactive thyroid
  7. Fibromyalgia
  8. Chronic Kidney disease
  9. Drugs and other triggers are causing irritable legs.
  10. These include some, antidepressants, antipsychotics, lithium, antihistamines and antiemetics.
  11. Other possible triggers smoking, alcohol, obesity, stress and lack of exercise.

Massage helps to relieve irritable legs, simply because it increases the blood supply to the legs.
Abdominal Therapy YAM link button Abdominal massage will increase a rich blood supply to and from the gut improving absorption.  Increasing the absorption of iron and the amino acids – tyrosine and phenylalanine.  The kidneys and brain use these to produce dopamine. Dopamines also produced locally in organs and tissues using it to aid their function. In conclusion, because massage increases blood flow it helps to contribute to the relief of symptoms throughout the whole body.

About the Treatment

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Increase your health, wealth and happiness! Have a regular massage treatment

Over the years I have helped many clients who have come to me for regular leg massages.

  • Long-distance runners, walkers and push cyclists.  To improve personal records, to help the healing of injuries and prevent new ones.
  • Suffering from lymphoedema, reduce the amount of static lymph, increasing lymphatic drainage and improving mobility
  • History of falling,  to walk safely, increased joint stability and gait
  • Irritable legs syndrome,  relieve the symptoms especially at night to improve sleep pattern,
  • Cramping and pain, to improve blood and lymph flow, more nutrients to the muscle and more toxins took away
  • The treatments enhanced if you incorporate abdominal care.  I can teach you the abdominal massage to do on yourself at home.

This treatment helps in all these situations.

Pre Runners Legs Treatments

Button to client form Ultimate back MassageYou have booked your treatment.

  •  Next, submit the new client form, and I will contact you for your free consultation phone call.
  • Consequently, as a result of the phone call, consultation times shortened, giving us more time for the treatment.
  • Have any questions ready because nows your chance and a good time to ask me questions.  Likewise, I have the time to answer them especially if you put them on the form.

Initial Runners Legs Treatment

The treatment takes approximately 20 minutes Plus 10 minutes that includes getting ready for massage and dressing at the end. Most importantly allow extra time for this treatment. I need to check out that nothing has changed since our phone call.

At the end of the treatment, I will discuss with you a plan for moving forward.  What else we may need

What happens during a Runners Legs Treatment?

Firstly I settle you onto the couch, face down to start the massage on the back of your legs.

Secondly, once I have completed the back of the legs. I assist in turning you over.  Then I complete the massage on the front of the legs

Thirdly, I will assess the best way forward to achieve your expectations, how many massages, how regular, what else to include? Setting out a treatment plan for you

Post Treatment

Post Treatment Care poster
Post Treatment Care
  1. Once the treatment has finished and you’re ready to get dressed then I can give you feedback on the treatment
  2. I will give you instructions on post-treatment self-care. Click on the link to read more detail
  3. We will make a treatment plan together to suit your needs and meet your expectation
  4. Booking the treatments in advance to guarantee your slot dates and times

How to book a treatment

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There’s three main ways to contact Jac

Firstly, fill in the contact form at the top of the page. Put in all the information you want to know about treatment, times, dates and more.

Secondly, book on line follow the link on Shedul. Choose your venue, date and time. If it will not let you book the slot may be already taken so try another. Or

Thirdly, contact me directly! Please leave a message if I do not answer this is because if I’m massaging I have the phone on silent so that your treatment is not interrupted. Leave a message or text and I will get back to you. Once I have answered all your questions I can book you in manually.

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