Jacksfeet Form

Jacksfeet Form

Jacksfeet Forms

Fill in the relevant Jacksfeet form and submit it to me. This will be the base of our consultation and will give me an insight into your needs. As a result, the form will help us to map out your plan of care.

  1. New Client Form
  2. Tinting and waxing new client form
  3. Student Application form

Jacksfeet Form for New Client

Jacksfeet form
New Clients

New Clients, it helps me greatly if you fill in the assessment form and submit it to me before our consultation, definitely before the treatment. This makes planning your care so much easier. It cuts down on the time we have to spend together when we meet for the first treatment. Consequently giving us more time for the actual treatment and any training that goes with it. Because we have already done the assessment and introduction work.

Jacksfeet Form for Tinting and Waxing

It’s very important that you have a skin test at least 48 hours prior to treatment. Your skin tests free, please fill in this form to reach me before our actual appointment. I will certainly go through it with you during the skin test.

Waxing clean & Easy
Clean and Easy Waxing System


Jacksfeet Form for Students

Jacksfeet Forms

This application form gives me all the information I need to make sure your training really hits the mark for you. Firstly, the course consists of all the right information. Secondly, you go away feeling and knowing you have new tools and plenty of information.

Storage of information

At Jacksfeet we use www.shedul.com for taking bookings and for sending you information which is a secure site.  Incidentally, I do not store any personal, sensitive  information online

I keep all paperwork in a locked cabinet.  Store any computer-generated information on an external USB memory stick.  None of my devices connected to the internet has sensitive information stored on it.

Want further information about this go to terms and conditions and our privacy pages

Privacy Policy

How to Contact me about treatments and training

Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to book on a Treatment or on a Course

  1. Contact me direct

    To discuss treatments or training
    Leave me a message and I’ll get back to you
    Because if I’m massaging I can’t answer the phone
    Texting is the quickest way of getting hold of me
    Jacksfeet Contact me

  2. Book prearranged courses on Ticket Source

  3. Book online for treatments on Shedul

    jacksfeet shedul contact Jacqueline

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