Detox Massage

Reflexology Massage

The Detox Massage – How it works : A combination of body and abdominal massage combined with a Reflexology treatment.  The Skin; Liver and colon are our main organs for detoxification and elimination, by stimulating these 3 organs together creates the gentle release of toxins and their elimination from the body.
A very powerful treatment that people find transforming, a lot of releasing takes place during this treatment as well as the natural detox effect that massage has on Reflexologythe body.

Colon Massage

The whole body releases on Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Metabolic and Physical levels, the brain is able to let go through this connections are made throughout every system of the body.  The client becomes more grounded through this connection, and the feeling of being nurtured comes through, the long flowing strokes that are used.  The brain is clearer less ‘noise’ which leads to the feeling of being more focused or able to focus and the body feels more energised because of the detecting effect it is not as sluggish.

Prior to Treatment :  Initial Treatment – Please fill in a new client form if you have not been to see Jacqueline before and send it to her as it will cut down consultation time greatly and give more time for the treatment.  All the information Jacqueline will need is on the form.

During Treatment : Once it has been established how you want to feel after this treatment, Jacqueline starts the massage with a deep back massage; keeping you warm with blankets Jacqueline then works the feet concentrating on the Lungs; Colon and Abdominal area; Kidneys and Liver the main Detox organs.  This is followed up by a no hands abdominal colon treatment.

Post Treatment : You may be aware of changes in amount, colour and smell of urine; faeces and possibly your sweat and breath this is the body Detoxing- toxins being removed via Lungs; Kidneys and Bowel.
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