Manicure Pedicure

The Manicure and Pedicure treatments, choose from one of our four levels of treatment, there’s certainly one to suit you!

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Manicure & Pedicure
  1. Luxury
    1. Hot wax or oil
    2. Mask
    3. Callous Peel
  2. Everyday
  3. Pamper Party
  4. Mini Treatment

The Treatments Explained

A Luxury Manicure Pedicure Treatment 

Incidentally, this manicure and pedicure consist of an everyday treatment, coupled with and also, giving you a choice of  3 extension treatments. The Luxury treatment takes a minimum of an hour please allow yourself an hour and a half for this treatment.

1. Hot wax, yes/no?  Fancy hot oil instead!

Aromatherapy Massage Almond Oil manicure pedicure
Almond OIl

The first treatment you could choose, this ones’ for really dry skin. Because this treatment deeply moisturises the skin. After your everyday treatment, choose either a hot wax, instead of a hot oil treatment. I apply the medium then cover it in cling film, wrapped with a hot water bottle in towels to keep the heat in.  Lay back and enjoy whilst your skin soaks up the oils.  The oils left in situ for 10 – 20 minutes. I remove the wax, then give you a massage.  If I have used oils I use the oil to finish with a massage. Lastly, I finish your nails usually with either

  • a buffing, leaving you nails with a natural shiny finish
  • varnish, clear base coat, colour and then topcoat.
  • It’s extra if you want a Gel finish.


Manicure Pedicure Clay Mask
Fullers Earth Mask

You have a choice of 3 masks

  1. Oatmeal
  2. Fullers Earth
  3. Seaweed

The second treatment of choice, I apply the mask, after your everyday treatment then wrap them in cling film.  Next gloved and wrapped in towels with a hot water bottle to keep the warmth from the masks in. The masks left in situ for 10 – 20 minutes before I  wash it off.  To finish, there’s a massage and then choose your to finish your nails with a

  • button Masks & Scrubs facialsbuffing a natural finish where the nails look shiny and healthy-looking
  • nail polish, clear base coat, colour and topcoat to finish.
  • It’s extra for a Gell finish.

For more information on the masks click on the link, and subsequently make an educated decision about the treatment you want to receive.

3 Callous Peel

Manicure Pedicure Callous peel
Callous Peel

The third treatment of choice, these treatments for the feet only. I apply seaweed soaked in citric acid to only hard skin after feet have soaked.  It’s then left in situ for 20 minutes with the feet wrapped in cling film, a towel and a hot water bottle to keep them warm.  Once removed the hard skins then scraped off effortlessly with a special plastic knife.  It can not cut you its blunt.  Then I file the skin and lastly apply a heavy moisturising cream leaving the feet soft and callous free.  What finish would you prefer?

  • buffing a natural finish without the use of products, the nails shine and look really healthy
  • polish – undercoat, colour and topcoat.
  • However, gel finish incurs an extra charge

nb. This treatment goes really well with a bio detox because the dead skin on the feet comes off much easier and more of it after they have soaked in the detox bath. It will take several treatments to get the feet completely free of dead skin. You will also have to work on your feet at home moisturising them at least once daily.

Everyday Treatment Manicure Pedicure 


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I apply cuticle cream to soften cuticles I soak your feet in a bath of hot soapy water 36-38˚C for 10 – 15 minutes. Once soaked the hard skins removed with a skin file and then buffed smooth. Following this, the Nails cut to the desired length, shaped and filed. I finish the cuticle work then after that, to finish the nails I will

  • buff them to a natural shiny finish that encourages blood supply to the nail bed making nails stronger and healthier
  • painted with a base coat, colour and topcoat applied.
  •  however, it’s extra for a gel finish 


Manicure pedicure
  • To begin with, I shall cut the nails, then file them to the shape and length you want. To follow I will soak them in a finger bath after a cuticle cream applied and rubbed into the cuticles. Once they’re soft the cuticle work comprises of the cuticle being teased back and any hangnail removed.  The whole nails rubbed using a hoof stick to stimulate blood flow once I have completed this work. Lastly, to finish the nails I will
  • buff them, as a result, they will naturally shine. This finish encourages blood supply to the nail bed making nails stronger and healthier
  • painted with a base coat, colour and topcoat applied.
  •  To have a gel finish incurs an extra charge

Pamper Party Treatment

button to Pamper PartiesWhat makes these treatments special?  They’re in your own home, the treatments the same to that of an Everyday treatment.  What’s better than to have a group of friends together and spend quality time enjoying yourself having a pamper.  

The new night OUT? it's a night IN!

Quick Manicure Pedicure Treatment

This treatment takes a minimum of 30 minutes

  1. I have difficulty seeing my finger/toenails?
  2. Finding it difficult to reach your toenails?
  3. Do you find your nails hard to cut?
  4. Painful hard skin on your feet?

Most importantly the treatments for those who require help looking after their nails. Because they find it difficult to attend for them themselves!

Have lots of painful hard skin and corns on their feet!  This treatment is ideal if you’re wanting the bare minimum.  It’s most important that you do not have painful feet it makes mobilising easier. 

I soak the feet first, however, I concentrate on the hard skin its removal and cutting the nails to prevent ingrowing toenails.

Prices and how to book a treatment

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How to book

There’s three ways to book a treatment

jacksfeet shedul
  1. Fill in and submit the enquiry form.
  2. Click on the link to shedul and book a treatment online. If you cant get the day and time you want
  3. Contact me direct and I will book you in manually

nb. When I’m working I keep my phone on silent, because I don’t want your treatment disturbed. Consequently, I’m unable to take calls when massaging leave me a message or text and I will get back to you.

What Happens after I have booked?

Firstly, I will contact you once contact is made whether its from a phone call, form or booking.

Secondly, I will make arrangements for a pre-treatment consultation with you. We can have a chat about the treatment and I can answer all your questions.

Thirdly, I will gather the information from you that’s most important to me because it may cause concern for the treatment you have chosen

  • Ailments
  • Allergies
  • Medication
  • Medical History

This process cuts down on consultation time during the treatment resulting in actually being able to spend more time on the treatment.

For more Information

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I the above, have sought professional medical advice for my health, medical emergency, general health problems and diagnosis. My Jacksfeet therapist may recommend that I see a licensed physician or health care professional. For any physical, psychological, emotional, mental ailment I may have if they have concerns. This treatment does not take the place of medical care. The intentions to help promote balance and harmony within the body. Through, stimulating blood, lymphatic and energy flow to and from the organs and within the bodies systems. Increase the natural release of toxins and their excretion from the body.  This will help to maintain the body’s organs optimum functioning. Consequently, I acknowledge that as a client of Jacksfeet. I understand that during my treatment my therapist. 1 Does not diagnose medical illness, disease nor any other physical / mental illness. 2 They will neither prescribe medications nor perform medical procedures. 3 Give me prescribed substances. 4 Interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. 5 Advise me to stop or discontinue any medicine / medical treatment I am undergoing. 6 Does not perform any spinal manipulations. 7 Work will complement any medical or psychological care from the doctors and other healthcare professionals. 8 Gives me only research-based information. 9 Can give suggestions, information, teach techniques that improve health issues because they’re a qualified therapist and teacher. And it’s within their scope of practice. 10 Can blend oils and creams because they’re a qualified aromatherapist. 11 Aim of these treatments to experience complete relaxation. This works beneficial to the body in aiding healing. Therefore I do not hold Jacksfeet Therapists responsible for any post-treatment effects that arise after receiving this treatment.  I use all information and techniques from this treatment at my own discretion and risk. I accept that the therapist reserves the right to refuse to carry out any treatment which I have requested if in their professional opinion such a treatment is not suitable. I hereby conclude that the above information I have given to the best of my knowledge remains true and correct. I understand that Jacksfeet will keep all the information I have given safe and confidential and not used or passed onto anyone else. I receive treatments entirely my own risk and that my therapists accept no responsibility. I agree that in the case of a reaction, I will not hold the Jacksfeet therapists responsible in any way, I recognise that in writing my full name above it becomes an accepted digital signature consenting to receive this treatment and take full responsibility if any adverse reactions occur.
Which disinfectant have you chosen to use and why?
Which medium did you use and why?
Include contraindications here, for example: condition of the nails, skin, blemishes, moles, hang nails. Both left and right.
Include contraindications here, for example: condition of the nails, skin, blemishes, moles, hang nails. Both left and right.
Remember you can only advise, within your scope of practice