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Hot Stone Treatment
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Used in many Spa’s hot stones is a luxurious treatment.  At Jacksfeet the stones I use to help enhance other treatments it’s also a stand-alone treatment.

The use of the stones compliments all our massage based treatments Aromatherapy, Abdominal Therapy Massage, Facials, Reflexology and Ultimate Massage Experience.

How Hot Stones Works

Mainly two things occur that makes this treatment so successful. Firstly, the heat and the weight of the stones play a big part in this treatment. The tissues, ligaments and tendons soften releasing tension. Secondly, the absorption of the essential oils used in the massage takes place.

Hot Stones Therapy
Hot Stones Therapy

Initial Treatment

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Before you attend your first treatment submit a completed new client form. Once I have received it I will contact you and make arrangements for a free telephone consultation. This gives us more treatment time when we meet in person.

Pre your Hot Stones Treatment

Preheated tumbled basalt rocks, sometimes replaced with solid crystals like quartz. This enhances the effects of the treatment because they bring their vibrational energy to the treatment.  If colds required instead of heat I will use refrigerated marble stones.

The Treatment

  • I will establish with you how best to use the stones, starting with you laying prone.
  • Once you are comfortable we’re ready to start. A layout’s placed either on you or the table for you to lay on.
  • I will leave the stones in place for the body to settle for 10 – 15 minutes, especially if I have used castor oil to make an oil pack.
  • Any areas requiring extra attention I will massage using the stones and castor oil.

Full Treatment

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Castor oil Pack

When laid prone at the start of the treatment the heavy mother stones placed on your sacrum. There’s stones placed on the back to cover the Chakras. With all the stones in place, I will commence the treatment. Working the Reflexes in the feet especially areas requiring attention during the consultation.

Part Treatment

You have chosen for a specific area for working ie. the back, legs, or feet. Great for tired runners legs or as preparation during training for a marathon, helping to prevent injuries.

Hot Stones therapy
the use of Crystals can greatly enhance this treatment

Pamper Party Treatment

This treatments a taster only, there’s not time to allow for the full or part treatment, it’s only a 10 – 20 minute massage with the hot | cold stones.

Post Treatment Your Hot Stones Treatment

  1. Allow your body to settle after the treatment, its best of you to relax for a while post-treatment.
  2. If I have used essential oils its best to leave them to soak in for at least 30minutes before your next shower.
  3. You may pass more urine than usual because of the body naturally detoxing. Make sure you drink at least 3 litres of fluid to compensate for this.

How to Book a Treatment

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Firstly you can contact me using the enquiry form or click on contact me. Secondly, you can book online at shedul, if you can’t book the day and time of choice try another time. Thirdly, Text me and I’ll call you back, we can have a chat. I can answer all your questions and book you in manually.

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