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Used in many Spa’s hot stones is a luxurious treatment.  At Jacksfeet the stones are used to help enhance other treatments as well as a stand alone treatment. The use of the stones compliments all our massage based treatments Aromatherapy, Arvigo®, Massage, Facials, Reflexology and Ultimate Massage Experience.
How it works : The heat of the stones brings the blood to the surface of the skin making absorption easier of essential and base oils; the muscles, tendons and ligaments soften and release under the gentle persuasion of the heat and weight of the stones.
Pre Treatment : Tumbled Basalt rocks are heated and used on the body to supply heat and weight to the treatment, sometimes solid crystals like quartz are used to replace the basalt stones, enhancing the effects by bringing their vibrational energy to the treatment.  If cold instead of heat is required marble stones that have been refrigerated and cooled are used instead.

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The Treatment : Once you are settled laying prone and ready for the treatment to commence; Stones are placed on the body, in various sequences or onto an area of the body where the heat and weight of the stones are beneficial to you (an injured muscle, where pain relief is required as part of a castor oil pack treatment).  Sometimes the body needs to just settle and be left for the stones to do their work for a 10 – 15 minutes.  The stones are oiled with Castor oil or an essential oil blend that Jacqueline has prepared for you and used to deliver the massage, the weight of the stones allows the therapist to apply work quite lightly over injured areas.

Full Treatment : The heavy mother stone is placed on the sacrum, and a layout of stones are placed onto the back, whilst the stones are doing their work Jacqueline will commence the treatment by working the Reflexes in the feet especially areas that have been pinpointed to needing attention during consultation.

Part Treatment : A specific area of the body where massage is required will be worked ie.  just the back : legs or face; Great for tired runners legs or as preparation during training for a marathon, helping to prevent injuries.

Pamper Party & Events : This treatment is a taster only, there is not time to allow for the full treatment, the treatment would be a massage of choice for 10 – 20 minutes with the hot | cold stones.

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Initial Treatment : Please fill in a new client form if you have not been to see Jacqueline before and send it to her as it will cut down consultation time greatly and give more time for the treatment.  All the information Jacqueline will need is on the form

How to make an appointment : Book on line below, or contact Jacqueline by submitting request form

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