Colour Therapy

Colour therapy has its uses throughout different industries as well as healing. Our bodies resonate to both the vibration of sound and colour, even those that are out of our hearing or seeing range. If we lack colour or certain sounds our bodies become out of balance, this is when we can to bring them back into balance using colour.

Colour Therapy – How does it work?

Each vertebrae of our spine resonate to a particular colour or note.  We then divide the spine up into 5 sections, with 8 vertebrae in each.  Starting at the skull and working downwards.

Colour Therapy
Colour Therapy Prices
  • Skull represents the Spiritual body 
  • Cervical – Mental body
  • Thoracic – Emotional body
  • Lumbar – Metabolic body
  • Sacral – Physical body

The chakras; endocrine glands and organs of the body also resonate to specific colours.  

  • Base Chakra & Gonads – Red;
  • Sacral Chakra & Adrenal Gland – Orange;
  • Solar Plexus & Pancreas – Yellow;
  • Heart Chakra & Heart – Green; also pink when its love involved
  • Thymus Chakra & Thymus- Turquoise;
  • Throat Chakra & Thyroid – Blue;
  • Third eye and Pituitary – Violet;
  • Crown Chakra & Pineal – Magenta.

The Colour Therapy Treatment

The treatment takes at least an hour and a half.  Allow at least 2 hours for this treatment.

Pre- Treatment
Spine Chart click here to print out 

It is important to save time before your treatment that you complete a spine chart. Please print off the spine chart then sign on the back of the chart along the length of the spine.  Send it me to so that she can analyse it before you arrive. 

Once I have completed the spine chart I can determine the colour you need to bring balance back into the body.  The Reflexology treatment also throws light on the specific organs out of balance and determines those that I fill with colour.


Your Initial Colour Therapy Treatment

New Client Form Colour therapy
  • Prior to your first treatment, it would benefit us both if you completed a new client form. Then submit it completed.
  • Once I have received the form I will contact you and make an appointment for a free telephone consultation. This will give us an opportunity for me to answer your questions.
  • Firstly we can discuss your treatment plan,
  • Secondly, it will give us more treatment time when we meet.

During Treatment: 

Ultimate Detox Massage colour therapy

During the treatment, you will receive a full Reflexology Treatment. The organs out of balance will show up during the treatment. Once it’s established which ones to treat they’re infused with the required colour using the light torch. Only pure stained glass is used to colour the light. The pigments used are pure not adulterated ie. blue is blue.

Post Treatment: 

Colour Therapy
Colour Therapy Wheel

I will advise you on what colour you need for the next few days to re-energise and balance the body.  This can be achieved by simply wearing the clothes of the required colour or eating foods of the right colour.  Another way is by energising water with the required colour using stained glass.

Over the years I have witnessed profound results using Colour Therapy combined with Reflexology. The reflexology is enhanced and magnified with the use of colour.

How to make an appointment 

When I’m working I keep my phone on silent. I do not want it disturbing us during your treatment. The best way to contact me for a quicker response is Texting. I check my phone regularly and return calls as soon as I pick them up.

Shedul link online booking
  • Fill in and submit the request form. I’ll get back to you, it won’t take long, it shows up in notifications on my phone.
  • Book online by clicking the link, choose a venue and book your slot. I will be notified and then I will book for the free consultation with you
  • Contact me direct and we can have a chat and then I can book you in manually.

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