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Colour Therapy
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Colour Therapy – How does it work?  Each vertebra of our spine resonate to colour, and the spine can be divided up into 4 sections, with 8 vertebrae in each.  Starting at the skull and working downwards the skull represents the Spirit,  Cervical – mental, Thoracic – emotional, Lumbar – metabolic, sacral – physical bodies.  The chakras; endocrine glands and organs of the body also resonate to specific colours.  Base Chakra & Gonads – Red; Sacral Chakra & Adrenal Glands – Orange; Solar Plexus & pancreas – yellow; Heart Chakra & heart – Green; Thymus Chakra & Thymus- Turquoise; Throat Chakra & Thyroid – Blue; Third eye and Pituitary – Violet; Crown Chakra & Pineal – Magenta.

Spine Chart

The Treatment :
Pre- Treatment: A spine chart needs to be completed before treatment to save time when you arrive please print off the spine chart sign on the back of the chart the length of the spine, then send it Jacqueline so that she can analyse it before you arrive. By completing the spine chart Jacqueline can determine the colour you need to bring balance and improvement of the optimal function in the body.
During Treatment: A full Reflexology Treatment is performed and then the organs that are lacking energy are treated with the relevant colours by using a light torch to infuse the organs and chakra’s with their relevant colours to bring the body back into balance.

Post Treatment: Jacqueline will advise you on what colour you need for the next few days to re-energise and balance the body.  This can be achieved by simply wearing the clothes of the required colour or eating foods of the right colour.  Another way is by energising water with the required colour.

Over the years I have noticed and experienced profound results in clients that have opted to include a colour therapy treatment into their reflexology treatment, you need to allow a longer time if you choose this treatment.
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