The ancient art of Reflexology depicted by the Egyptians in the pyramids and found in very old Sanskrit and documents, this ancient treatment has its roots in many old cultures and civilisations.

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About Reflexology

A non-invasive treatment usually performed on the feet. Subsequently, I can use the hands and ears when its inappropriate to use the feet. However, to use the ears these days a rare thing.

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Mapping the feet

The whole body every organ can be mapped onto the feet, hands and our ears. Whilst I work my way around the feet I can feel imbalances. Where the imbalances show up indicates the organ that’s out of balance.

 It’s highly recommended to have a course of 6 consecutive weekly treatments. It takes 3 consecutive weekly treatments usually before you start to feel and recognise changes in chronic conditions.

6 consecutive treatments work best, then reduce the treatments to once a month to maintain the optimum functioning of the organs. However, one or two, preferably 3 consecutive treatments at first then transfer to monthly will work but takes longer.

How Reflexology works

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Reflexology for all

I work my way around your feet feeling different things. It can feel like grit, bubble wrap, a hole, solid, fluid, a little hard pea.  That’s where there’s an imbalance an indication to me what Reflexes to pay particular attention to. Working these areas I can clear the blockages.  Because the meridians terminate in our hands and feet Reflexology’s very akin to acupuncture and acupressure in the way to works; clearing blockages and improving the energy flow in our bodies. Supporting the bodies natural functions and maintaining health

Pre Initial Treatment

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Application for treatment

Once you have booked your appointment I will contact you and organise a free consultation via phone. I require you to fill in the relevant client information form and submit it to me before the consultation. We can discuss your problems and expectations of the treatment. It’s important that I know your allergies, medication and medical issues. Incase I have a concern about you receiving a treatment. This will also greatly cut down on time when we actually meet and give more time for the treatment.

During Treatment

Once settled onto the couch and supported by cushions and pillows with blankets to keep you warm. I will start the treatment by connecting your whole body from the head to the feet. Performing some muscle loosening work on your back and legs. I start with the right foot working each Reflex in turn, working all the systems of the body and noting where the imbalances lay.  Once I have completed the right foot I will wrap the right foot and change over to the left foot working all the organs reflexes on the left-hand side of the body

Post Treatment

Feed back time, after the treatments concluded and you feel ready to move about. I will talk to you about the findings, at this stage, we will talk about goals and set a treatment plan. We will review the plan and make adjustments to make sure your needs and expectations met.  Also, I may give you some homework by showing you the Reflexes you can work at home between treatments to enhance the treatment and its effects.

Follow Up Treatments

  • The first thing to check out how are you?
  • What have you experienced and observed – improvements, changes, good bad?
  • Our conclusion will determine if we need to alter the original plan?
  • Lastly, the only real difference between this and an initial treatment is all out of balance reflexes found during the treatment I will retreat.

How to make a Reflexology appointment

Now that you have decided to have a treatment here’s how to book

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  1. You can book online, click on the link to shedul choose treatment, date and time. If it says you can’t have any of the dates you have tried contact me directly.
  2. Fill in the request form and submit it, I will get back to you.
  3. On the other hand, contact me direct using text or messenger is best. However, if you call just leave a message. I keep my phone on silent so that your treatment is not interrupted. I see the notification when I check my phone and will get back to you.
  4. We can have a chat, even complete the new client form and I can answer all your questions. Then book you in manually once we have confirmed al the details.

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