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What great way to celebrate ‘A Pamper Party’!  The New Night Out is a Night In.  We have a lot to offer and can meet your requirements, no matter what it is your celebrating.
Where :  At your home or a friends if you want to keep it a surprise, work place, at a centre if a group.
When :  Mornings; Afternoons or Evenings we can accommodate you. If you book early enough in advance, Jacqueline will make sure we can make a time that suites everyone. getting a group of people together is not easy.
What :  Is on Offer: Pamper Treatments, these include –

Aromatherapy Massage Oil Almond
ATMAT® Treatment
Bio Detox
Bio Detox
Ear Candles Massage
Ear Candles
Hot Stones Massage
Hot Stones
Pedicure feet massage
Manicure Pedicure
Usui Reiki Universal energy
Ultimate Experience
Waxing Prices

Cost :  For the initial treatment it is £25.00 per person, after this additional treatments are £15.00 each.  Therefore the cost of 2 treatments per person is £40.00. There is a minimum of £100.00 per party, if there is not enough people to cover this amount with singular and additional treatments (less than 3 people).
Numbers : Minimum is 4 – 6 people or the minimum payment of £100.00 per party.  A party of 8 or more treatments depending on your needs and time of day Jacqueline will bring another therapists with her if you want to make sure your party goes smoothly.

New Clients please fill in and return the Pamper Party Client form and return to Jacqueline

Pamper Party Client Form

How to book – contact Jacqueline or Fill in the Reservation form, with your preferred date; time and venue

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