From face to toe Waxing available at Jacksfeet.

Please book in advance to avoid waiting for the wax to heat up. Meanwhile lets have a look at what we have to offer.

Waxing at Jacksfeet

Waxing head sizes
Different heads for different parts of the body

I use the Clean and Easy waxing system. It has many advantages that benefit you! Firstly,

  1. 30% quicker to apply than traditional wax pot wax systems.
  2. Different size heads make for more accurate application to the required area.
  3. The ease of application the wax applicators means the wax goes on where you want it.
  4. It’s easy to control the temperature of the wax.
  5. There’s no spilling of hot wax everywhere or dripping from hot pot to client across the floor and couch.
  6. Different waxes and gels for use with different skin types and sensitive skin areas on the body.
  7. Pre and Post-treatment gels and creams that help reduce the risk of infection, reduce inflammation and remove excess wax.
  8. Suffer from dry flaky skin? When we use hot wax on this skin type it moisturises it, removes dead skin cells making the skin look and feel healthier.
  9. Great as an add on treatment, for example, while getting a reflexology treatment to have a half leg wax.
  10. Easy for transportation to and from Pamper Parties.
Waxing  clean & Easy
Clean and Easy Waxing System

Pamper Party Waxing Treatment

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Secondly, its a great add on treatment especially if your Having a Pamper Party?

This system is easy to transport, set up and carry around. Ideal to use in your home as there’s no mess or worry about spillages.

Why not add on a wax treatment to your treatment of choice. When you are booking your Party let me know that you want me to bring the wax with me.

About the Waxes

Thirdly, There’s an ideal wax to use for you even the most sensitive of skins I can accommodate with using this system.

Original Wax

waxing original

A more traditional wax, most people first choice. A blend of natural Beeswax, Honey and Pine Resins. Contains no added chemicals or perfumes and works at a safe low temperature. Perfect for all areas of the body on non-sensitive skin. For instance the legs, back and arms.


Waxing Azuline

A mixture of Chamomile and Azulene, natural anti-inflammatories. They will soothe and calm the skin. Perfect for those who experience redness and irritation with waxing. Azulene oil helps calm and soothe reddened skin associated with waxing and shaving while promoting softer healthier skin. Good for more sensitive areas, for instance, the bikini line

Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil

Made from hemp seed oil. This wax leaves your skin feeling revitalised and nourished. The oils rich in Omega-3 fatty acids anti-inflammatory properties therefore aids in reducing post-treatment inflammation. Works at a lower temperature than some of the other waxes making it perfect for use on all areas of the body. Great to use on the face because of being good on short and stubborn hairs.

Tea Tree

Waxing Tea Tree
Tea Tree

Made from Tea tree oil into a gentle effective cream wax, great to use on sensitive skin. A natural antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal essential oil, therefore, it’s particularly good to use if you sometimes come out in spots after waxing. Reducing your risk of infection. This wax has such a gentleness about it that it rarely causes irritation or inflammation. I would certainly use this wax for hypersensitive skin and for those who suffer from acne-like conditions.

Vitamin E

Waxing Vitamin E
Vitamin E

Original formula wax infused with Vitamin E to help soothe and moisturise the skin. Vitamin E high on antioxidants, these help protect body tissue from damage and the healing process. An effective moisturiser enhances elasticity and smoothing dry skin. Good on the skin where there’s scar tissue and pot marks the vitamin D may help to reduce scaring

About the Treatment

Firstly, I will help you to get comfortable on the table using pillows blankets and towels

  • The area for waxings the only part of your body that exposed at any time the rest of your body’s covered and draped with a towel.
  • What about the clothes that I have not removed? Couch rolls used to protect them.
  • Having a bikini line wax? I can supply you with disposable knickers or wear an old pair that will not hurt if they do get wax on them.

Secondly, skin Preparation,

  • Whilst doing this I will assess which way your hairs grow and how many small applications I need to apply to clean the area. Our hairs can grow in all different directions especially in areas like the underarm. If you try to remove the hairs in the wrong direction or too large an area at once it makes the experience more painful.
  • Skin preps applied to reduce the risk of infection, removal of scented products, creams and lotions.
  • Warning this can strike cold

Thirdly, the removal of unwanted hair

  • I will test the waxes temperature before applying it to your skin on the back of my hand.
    • The back of the hand has more heat receptors than most other parts of the body, therefore, a good place for the therapist to test the heat,
  • Application of the wax follows the same direction the hairs growing
  • Removal of the hair the paper/cotton strips pulled off in the opposite direction of application.
  • I then remove any excess wax.

Lastly, I use a post treatment cooling cream.

  • to cool down the skin,
  • reduce inflammation,
  • irritation,
  • close the skin pores
  • and reduce risk of infection

Booking a Treatment

There’s three ways you can book, like with all the treatments

jacksfeet shedul
  1. Fill in the form above and ask any questions you have about the treatment, give me two or three dates and times you have in mind. I will get back to answer your questions and confirm the appointment with you.
  2. Go online to Shedul, choose your venue, treatment, date and time. If that times not available it will ask you to choose another. fill in appropriate information you will get an automated confirmation email/text. If you want a particular date and the software won’t let you book get in touch I may be able to sort it out manually.
  3. Contact me direct call, text, message, email me. leave me a message if you ring and I don’t answer. That’s because if I’m massaging I don’t want your treatment disturbed. Once I’m free I’ll get back to you. I’ll make arrangements to ring you at a suitable time for us both. I can answer all your questions sort out the appointment and book you in manually. Likewise, I can even do the consultation at the same time.

Pre Treatment

Jacksfeet Contact me

In the first place, please fill in the disclaimer and signature form attached below

Next we will have the consultation over the phone, face time, Skype which ever is best for you.

Finally it’s treatment time.

What do I need to remember for the treatment?

  1. It’s important to remember to wear clothes that you do not mind if they did get wax on.
  2. Because of residue left behind from the wax, you may be sticky, therefore again wear appropriate clothes
  3. In addition to the above, try not to use body products before treatment, it may stop the wax sticking to your hairs.

Please submit the form to me once you have booked an appointment Client form

DD/MM/YYYY & Age now
When you are bleeding it’s usually more painful try to book when not on your period.
To book a combination click more than one box
if none state none Please state condition date diagnosed & treatment
if none state none, Please state name, dose
if none state none, Please state allergens name and reaction to the allergen, it’s important your therapist knows this in case they use a product containing the allergen
Please add any information here you feel relevant for the therapist to know
I understand that an allergic reaction to these products can occur at any time especially if I have received this treatment on many occasions. I have been instructed, given information and understand what I have to do should I react. I accept that I’m putting myself at risk of an adverse reaction to this treatment, including the possibility of breathing problems, chest tightening, heart palpitations, lightheadedness, flushing, itching, bumps or swelling, irritation, hair damage/loss or burns. This was explained to me and I understand and I’m aware that if any of these reactions occur I must contact Jacksfeet for further instructions and product information. If the reactions severe I must obtain medical attention immediately and tell them the name of the product. I the above, acknowledge that I am a client of Jacksfeet. I hereby certify that the above information I have given to the best of my knowledge remains true and correct. I understand that Jacksfeet will keep all the information I have given safe and confidential. It’s not used or passed onto anyone else. I receive treatments entirely my own risk and that my therapists accept no responsibility. Therefore, I accept that in the case of a reaction, I will not hold the Jacksfeet therapists responsible in any way, This includes any of the reactions specified above or any other reaction I may have, and accept full personal responsibility. I hereby conclude that the above information I have given to the best of my knowledge remains true and correct. I understand that Jacksfeet will keep all the information I have given safe and confidential and not used or passed onto anyone else. I receive treatments entirely my own risk and that my therapists accept no responsibility. I agree that in the case of a reaction, I will not hold the Jacksfeet therapists responsible in any way, I recognise that in writing my full name above it becomes an accepted digital signature consenting to receive this treatment and take full responsibility if any adverse reactions occur

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