At Jacksfeet in our eye treatments, tinting lashes and brows we only use highly recommended products.  We also have vegetable dyes for those with allergies, looking after our precious eyes.

For eyebrow shaping we use a waxing system called clean and easy, this allows us to offer different types of waxes to our clients, Because different skin types benefit from the use of different waxes.

Tinting Eye treatments – Looking after your lashes and brows for you

Jacksfeet we know its important to look good, that’s why we only use the right products. Products we know inside out because we have used them our selves and we find them being used by our fellow therapists.


Eyelashes and Eyebrows treatments

When considering how you want to look.  The shape and colour of your eyes, the colour of your hair and skins shades an important factor. This we take into consideration when giving advice about the best colours to use.

The eyebrows and lashes only live for approximately 28 days. The reason why you need to repeat the treatment every 28 to 30 days to keep the shape and depth of colour you require.

Five Eye Treatments to Choose from

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  1. Just tint your eyelashes, makes them look longer and thicker, no need for daily application of mascara. Except when going out to add volume to your natural lash.
  2. Tinting your eyebrows, what colour would you aim for? The chart below will help you to decide.
  3. Shape your eyebrows to the desired shape,  thickness, using the clean and easy wax system.
  4. Tint and shape your eyebrows, need a tidy up for the night out, best to do this at least the day before so that any redness from hair removal has gone before the big day.
  5. Tint your eyelashes and eyebrows then shape the eyebrows for you. Getting ready for a special occasion, have this done the day before so that your skins settled down.
Tinting Colour Chart

About Tinting

Order of treatment

Waxing Tinting
  1. Once you have chosen the colour you would like, and I have helped you to settle whilst lying supine on my couch. I will make sure of your comfort using pillows and blankets.
  2. I will then cleanse your lashes and brows
    • Please remember to come without makeup on the eyes
    • Bring your make up with you or try out ‘Colour me beautiful range’ that I can introduce you to.
  3. A barrier cream, gels applied to protect the skin from the tint.
    • Preventing the skin from accidentally taking up the dye.
  4. Using the tint of choice once I have applied it I then leave it in situ for 5 minutes.
    • It’s not left for longer because I do not want to damage the hair follicles and cause them to drop out early. The eyelashes and brow hair only live for approximately 28 days.
  5. Once developed the tints removed using warm water.
  6. Eyebrows shaping will now take place
    • nb. I can’t shape the brow before tinting as the hot wax will open the pores and hair follicles which means the tint could penetrate the skin. Any hair removal system will do this, plucking or threading.
  7. The brow’s shaped first I will combe the brow into the required shape following this the brows then waxed. Removing only the unwanted hair to achieve the desired shape
Link to colour me beautiful

About Tinting Lashes and Brows

Do’s and don’ts of Tinting

  1. Do come for the treatment without makeup on!
    • makeup removers may prevent the tint from taking, especially oil-based cleansers.
    • Oil coats the hair sealing the hairs cuticle making it less porous and able to take up the colour.
  2. An allergic reaction can occur at any time, especially if you have been having tinting treatment for a long period of time.
    • Ideally, book for a free skin patch test at least 48 hours before every treatment.
  3. Please fill in the form below especially if it’s your first visit for this treatment.

Pre Tinting Treatment disclaimer/form

Please inform your therapist of any of the following, it may affect your treatment if you do not make them aware of any conditions, complaints or illnesses you suffer from.
Medication can affect the condition of your hair and how your hair reacts to dyes. Because of this, your therapist needs to know what you take.
Specify allergen and reaction, if you’re hyper sensitive your more likely to react to the products. we will test you using our more hypo allergenic products.
On your first visit to us, its a requirement for you tohave a skin test, to receive this form you have made your skin test appointment, please complete and return before appointment Thank you
We do use different types of hair dyes, we have hypo allergenic hair paints, and vegetable dyes too.
Hair removal can be more painful when menstruating, please inform your therapist and rebook your appointment
With some treatments, it’s best to time your treatments when not on your period
We may need to use different products, development time or techniques when you’re pregnant
We may comit to using different products, development time or techniques when you’re breastfeeding. Often its advisable to wait until your baby’s weaned before using products.
I have booked a Skin test for no less than 48º before the treatment. I understand that an allergic reaction to these products can occur at any time. Especially if I have received this treatment on many occasions. This tests to indicate that there’s a low risk that I’m allergic to the product / make that Jacksfeet uses. The skin test does not guarantee that I’m not allergic, it’s just a good indication that I will not react to the product used. There’s a very small chance of a reaction due to the quantity of product being used during this treatment. I understand that I can develop sensitivity after long term use if I have had my hair, eyebrows, eyelashes coloured, extended and or waxed many times over several years. I understand that an allergic reaction to these products can occur at any time especially if I have received this treatment on many occasions. I have been instructed, given information and understand what I have to do should I react. I accept that I’m putting myself at risk of an adverse reaction to this treatment, including the possibility of breathing problems, chest tightening, heart palpitations, lightheadedness, flushing, itching, bumps or swelling, irritation, hair damage/loss or burns. This was explained to me and I understand and I’m aware that if any of these reactions occur I must contact Jacksfeet for further instructions and product information. If the reactions severe I must obtain medical attention immediately and tell them the name of the product. I the above, acknowledge that I am a client of Jacksfeet. I hereby certify that the above information I have given to the best of my knowledge remains true and correct. I understand that Jacksfeet will keep all the information I have given safe and confidential. It’s not used or passed onto anyone else. I receive treatments entirely my own risk and that my therapists accept no responsibility. Therefore, I accept that in the case of a reaction, I will not hold the Jacksfeet therapists responsible in any way, This includes any of the reactions specified above or any other reaction I may have, and accept full personal responsibility. I accept that in writing my full name above becomes an accepted digital signature consenting to receive this treatment and take full responsibility if any adverse reactions occur. In conclusion, I accept that the therapist reserves the right to refuse to carry out any treatment which I have requested if in their professional opinion they have concerns that such treatments not suitable for me to receive. If at any time I did react Jacksfeet will discontinue its use this product on me and find a hypoallergenic substitute.
I was offered the option for a skin patch test. I have declined to have the test prior to treatment. I confirm that I am willing to accept the above information and give my permission to receive a treatment. I accept full personal responsibility should I react to the products and not hold the therapist responsible in any way. I will make no claims, demands, this includes any of the reactions specified above and/or any other reaction I may have.
I consent for the taking of photographs of my lashes, eyebrows for and used by Jacksfeet on face book, leaflets and other forms of advertising.
Tinting Vegetable dyes
Vegetable dyes Hypo allergenic

Booking an appointment

Steps for booking an appointment online

jacksfeet shedul
  1. Remember to book your free skin test at least 48hours before your actual appointment.
  2. Go online to Shedul, choose the venue you prefer
  3. Choose treatment date and time
  4. If you’re asked to choose another time that’s because it’s unavailable. please choose again.
  5. Fill in the above client form and submit to me
  6. I will contact you for your free pre-treatment consultation.

How to contact me direct

Jacksfeet Contact me
  1. Easiest way why not fill in the enquiry form top of the page with your questions and I will get back to you.
  2. Contact me direct
    1. Contact me directly using phone, text or messenger.
    2. Text is the best and quickest way to make contact.
    3. You can call me, however, when I am working my phone is on silent. I do not want ringing to interrupt your treatment.
    4. Leave me a message and I will get back to you,
    5. I will arrange a free pretreatment consultation with you where you can ask me all the questions you have for me to answer.
    6. Once we have confirmed everything I will book you in manually for your skin test and treatment at your venue of choice.

Colour me beautiful

Tintin mascara
Colour me beautiful mascara
Tinting  mascara shades
Mascara Shades

I know that I say I do not use manufactured products in my holistic treatments I don’t but I do promote these products.

They only use natural produce in their products and have very ethical ethos.

I love the way they use colour therapy techniques and practices in their teachings and when choosing the right colours for you.

They have some very unique ways of presenting and storing their products.

Link to colour me beautiful

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