Level One Reiki


Level One Reiki, enables you to channel universal energy and hold space for yourself or another so that they can absorb this energy.  Then the chakra, our energy centres send this energy around the body to organs that need it.  Brings balance and self healing to our bodies  


Level One Reiki

Level One Reiki a stand alone course no prior knowledge, training or experience required.  A two day course, during this time you will receive four attunements Reiju.  Reiki is a non-invasive way of topping up our batteries after a long hard day at work or a run of sleepless nights, during and post-illness and operations. Because Reiki’s a natural system of healing using Universal Energy, ‘Life Force Energy’ it can be used by everyone even babies and children.  Developed and founded by Dr Mikao Usui from Japan, who now has practitioners and Masters Practicing throughout the world. Of which I’m proud to be a Practitioner and Master. Giving me the ability to give training and attunements to those who want to learn Reiki as it was taught by Sensei Usui.


Once, attuned to Reiki a person can channel Universal Energy (Spiritual Energy, Reiki energy, Life source energy, Chi, Chu’el); into another or your own energy centres.  Then these energy centres the Chakra, disperse the energy through the Kundalini and Meridians to all the organs of the body.  Energising them and supporting them through their normal bodily functions, also helping to maintain Health.  It revitalises and energises the receiver and helps them to make contact with themselves. Dr Mikao Usui training in the art of Reiki Healing differs from other forms of natural hands-on healing methods. It involves the use of Reiju or attunements and symbols that Sensei Usui discovered. The Reiju connects students and clients to their energy body.  Sensei Usui’s would teach everyone he met Reiki, there’s records that he attuned more than 2,000 people.

Sensei Usui dreamed that everyone in the world would receive Reiki training and was attuned to at least level one.  At Level one the Reiju (attunements) bring the major chakra’s into alignment and works on balancing the physical and metabolic body. You can work on others at this level, however, it does benefit you to have level two when working professionally.

The Course

The first day, you will receive your 1st and 2nd Reiki Reiju. On the second day. you will receive your 3rd and 4th Reiki Reiju.

Also included in the tuition, the self-care routine that you perform on yourself for 28 days post-training. Instruction in how to perform and apply Reiki Healing treatment to others.  How to clear the Aura and Chakras, Relevant anatomy and physiology.

Reiki Training at Jacksfeet Link to information on Jac’s website about the training and the different levels of Reiki

Reiki Treatments at Jacksfeet What to expect during a Reiki Treatment at Jacksfeet

Music for Reiki treatment Riley Lee playing solo on a Japanese Flute, Shakuhachi music.    The album’s  Rainforest Reverie.  Music, with nature sounds. spend a day in the rain forest, from the early morning into the day, though a brief afternoon rain storm and on into the night