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A Reiki Treatments a non-invasive way of topping up our batteries after a long hard day at work or a run of sleepless nights, during and post-illness and operations.

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A natural system of healing using Universal Energy ‘Life Force’. During the treatment, the therapist holds the space for you. The therapist allows the energy to flow and directing it into the chakras.  So that you can calm and find your own energy to heal yourself.’

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Pre & Post Treatment

History of Reiki

Reiki Treatments history
History of Reiki

Developed and founded by Dr Mikao Usui from Japan, who now has practitioners and Masters Practicing throughout the world. Of which I’m proud to be a Practitioner and Master. Giving me the ability to give treatments to those needed it and training to those who want to learn as taught by Sensei Usui.

How Reiki Treatments Work

Once attuned to Reiki a Therapist can channel Universal Energy (Spiritual Energy, Reiki energy, Life source energy, Chi); into your energy centres.  The Chakras, disperse the energy through the Kundalini and Meridians to the organs of the body.  Energising them and supporting them through their normal bodily functions, helping to maintain Health.  It revitalises and energises the receiver and helps them to make contact with themselves.

Pre Reiki Treatments

There are a few things that I need to know before a treatment,

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  1. Mainly what’re your problems?
  2. What’re your expectations of the treatment? 
  3. Have you any allergies?
  4. Specific medical conditions that may have concerns for a Reiki Treatment?
  5. That’s why I ask you to fill in the relevant New client form and submit it before your first treatment.
  6. Once I have received the form I will contact you to make arrangements for a free pre-treatment consultation.
  7. This gives us more treatment time when you arrive and the treatment can virtually start straight away.

The Reiki Treatments

A totally non-invasive treatment, you remain fully clothed throughout.

Firstly I will make you comfortable on my couch (or you may be in a chair at a pamper party or event),

Reiki Treatment
  • using cushions, pillows and blankets. ti make you comfortable and keep you warm.  If its inappropriate to lie prone or supine I can give you the treatment whilst laying sideline.

Next, I will check your Aura and Chakras looking at your energy levels and for blockages.  

  • These will clear during the treatment making it easier for your energy to flow freely through your body.

I will start at the head and work my way down the body to the feet, clearing and energising while I move down the body.  

Reiki Treatment Beaming
Hand Position for head
  • The seven main and twenty-one minor Chakra’s found in our hands, feet and our organs. I cover these by placing my hands over them and allow the Reiki to flow.

During the treatment, some people report that they feel and see different colours, smells, dreamlike visions,

On completion, I will recheck your Aura and Chakras to make sure your energy is flowing evenly

  • Checking everything cleared during this session.  If there’s anything left to clear I will clear it before I complete the treatment

Finally, I will seal the aura and energise the nervous system

Post Reiki Treatments  

Post Treatment Care
Post Treatment Care

When you are ready to get up I will remind you how to take care of yourself over the next 24 hours

Check out what you experienced and my findings with you if you would like me to.

Click on post-treatment care for full instructions

Remember you can contact me post-treatment to discuss anything you feel you want to share

Booking a Reiki Treatment

jacksfeet shedulFirstly you can book online by clicking the link to Shedul.  Choose your venue, date and time.  If it’s saying its unavailable get int contact with me

Secondly, contact me directly by filling in the request form as soon as I receive the message I shall get back to you 

Thirdly call me direct, leave a message, text or messenger me.  When I’m working I have my phone on silent to prevent being disturn whilst massaging you.  

Once contact has been made, I will arrange a suitable time for us to talk, you will have the opportunity to ask questions.  We can also if possible do the free consultation once everything is settled I can book you in manually.


Reiki training buttonAs a Reiki MasterMaster, I can Attune you to Reiki.  This will mean that you can treat yourself and others.  There are 3 levels to Reiki

  1. First Level, you learn how to treat yourself and how to give treatments to others
  2. Second level, this level give you the ability to perform distance healing
  3. Masters level, you will learn how to attune others

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