Abdominal Massage Course


You will walk away from this Abdominal massage course with a multitude of tools at your finger tips.  That you can apply and develop into a daily/weekly routine which will help maintain the optimal function of the abdominal organs.


This abdominal massage course is all about caring for your self.  You will learn the simple, effective, Maya abdominal massage.  As taught to Dr Rosita Arvigo by the famous Shamen Don Elijio Panti from Belize.  Steeped in Maya traditional healing and practices.  This massage increases the blood supply to all the abdominal organs helping them maintain optimal function.  You will not only learn how to look after your organs using the massage.   During this course you’ll  also learn how to use the complementary modalities.  How to apply and use castor oil packs safely.  When to use a faja to give the abdomen and your back extra support.  Also why it’s important to perform perianal steaming.  To study this abdominal massage course highlights how important this work is in supporting our body to function to its optimum.

During this course we look at the history of this work, to ensure that we show respect and appreciation of its roots,  Giving recognition to those that have passed their knowledge on to us down through the centuries.  Don Elijio Panti,

We cover relevant anatomy and physiology, this helps you to understand how your body functions.  Therefore enhancing your understanding of the workings of the organs, and how things can go wrong.  When we understand how the body works, then if something goes wrong it’s easier for us to put it right.

The complimentary modalities aid self healing and help prevent further damage caused bu everyday living to our bodies.



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Music to massage too

100,000 Angels by Lucinda Drayton from Bliss

Don Elijio Panti

A short documentary about Don Elijio and his work.

New York Times obituary to Don Elijio Panti

A tribute to notoriously acclaimed the most famous Ha’men to have ever lived and ‘the last Mayan master healer in Belize’.


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