Painful Foot


A client came the other day suffering from a Painful foot

The Day Before

I’d received a text “Can you do a one foot treatment tomorrow for me please?” I smiled to myself, chuckling under my breath (“It doesn’t work like that”). Then texted them back, Yes of course I can!  We decided on the time and now it’s time to wait until I saw and felt the foot as I had no plan.

The Plan

My client arrived and came through the door smiling.  Even though they were limping badly. The comment they made was

“I don’t know what I need, except I need you to work on my foot and make me better and pain free. My toe feels like its poking through a hole in my sock and that I’m walking on a rock in the ball of my foot, what treatment to have?  I’m leaving that up to you!”.   

I smiled and said,

“Let’s have a look before we decide”.

After settling my client, and making them comfortable on my couch, work began.  Socks off, visually what’s wrong? I asked myself, the toe could be pinker it was a bit blue from lack of oxygen, but all the same, it was blanching nicely.  As usual, both feet and ankles presented swollen, Doctors are fully aware of this and treating the problem. 

The Discovery

Feeling around the foot, I could feel a small lump at the joint where the 2nd toe meets the foot, slightly painful however a good thing was there was no extreme heat.

“Right! This is what I’m going to suggest a Reflexology treatment which includes lymphatic drainage massage and Reiki as the Treatment”.  My client replied

“that sounds awesome”.

During the treatment, I worked all the relevant reflexes for pain, lymphatics, circulation and stress.  Getting the client involved in draining their nodes in the popliteal and groin areas,  explaining that this will help reduce the swelling.

Once I’d completed the Reflexology treatment, I put very gentle pressure on the lump and gave Reiki specifically to the area.  Also gently working in a circular motion gradually feeling the lump shrink and reduce in size.  Toes became pink and warm to the touch and blanching improved.

A Round of Applause for the Ultimate Massage Experience

“Oh my Jac just one treatment its amazing, I’m pain free!”

After putting their socks on it was time for the proof in the pudding. On went the shoes. To an exclamation and much laughter

” There’s only one problem, my shoes are too big!”

The Ultimate Massage Experience, a combination of skill, knowledge and experiences all coming together and getting Results.

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