One Morning 2002

I knew about No Hands Massage but did nothing about learning it till it was nearly too late. Then one morning 2002.

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One morning 2002
No Hands Massage

One Morning 2002

I awoke in chronic pain! Red hot tears streamed down my face, I was crying in my sleep, and afraid to look at my hands. Because I knew what I was going to find, I did not want to move, I couldn’t lift my hands from under the bedclothes. The pain was excruciating, and I just knew that it wasn’t good.

My partner became aware that something was wrong and put the light on, I squeezed my eyes shut even tighter, not wanting to see or look at my hands. His words spoke mountains

“Oh my god Jac!”

My right hand, elbow, and arm were severely swollen, I couldn’t move my fingers or wrist I’d lost the use of my hand. The pain intensified when I tried to bend my elbow. My left hand was hurting but it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as the right, the swelling stopped at my wrist.

Questions, questions, questions, going repeatedly through my head

  • What am I going to do now?
  • How can I work without using my hands?

My world was falling to pieces, I’d just got to be where I wanted to be and now it’s smashed to smithereens.

The first thing I did was strap my hands and keep the right hand elevated to reduce the swelling and pain. For weeks I worked unwrapping my hands to massage and strapped them back up when I’d finished. Trying to hide the swollen hands and pain from my clients.

Then one morning a flyer came through the letterbox an invitation from Gerry Pyves

“Come fly with me”

I booked on immediately and couldn’t wait. Years before I had read a write-up in a massage magazine about No Hands Massage and filed it away in the depths of my memory to be looked into when I needed it, and oh did I need it now.

The awaited day came

One morning 2002 with my partner driving my hands were still swollen and painful. We set off early I didn’t want to be late because I wanted to be able to submerge myself totally into this demonstration. The demo was in a hotel in Leeds just off the Ring Road. Any of you who know the Ring Road in Leeds will know it’s a nightmare to get off. We could see the Hotel

It’s just there!

we kept going past it but couldn’t get to it

However, no matter what way we came at the hotel in each passing it was just out of our reach on our left, on our right with no turning off. Eventually, after many tears and two very frustrated people, we reached the hotel and I was late.

The room was in darkness

I crept into the room, it was in pitch black darkness, silent, with no noise whatsoever, you could have heard a pin drop. I stood just in the doorway. Suddenly the the super trooper spotlight came on lighting up a body lying on a massage table. The music started, I couldn’t see properly so I grabbed a chair and climbed up on it. A man stepped into the light and the dance began.

This time the red hot tears that rolled down my cheeks were tears of joy. I had landed. This is what I’d been waiting for to able to dance with the Tissues of the body

In 2002 I retrained with  Gerry Pyves, the founder of No Hands Massage…………………

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