The Power of Touch

pregnancy massage The Power of Touch
The Power of Touch

The Power of Touch never ceases to amaze me and leave me speechless

Many Years Ago

I was exhibiting at a mind-body-spirit festival. When a young woman (Julie) came up to me, with her was her daughter (Jess) 4 years old and her mother (Mary).

I had been aware of Julie watching me for a while and was willing her, to ask for a massage. I felt that I just had to massage this lady. When Julie approached I just knew that this was important to her. She told me she had had cancer and was in remission and asked

“Would you massage me as most therapists wouldn’t”.

“Of course I replied! “

I got Julie ready, and comfortable on my table, and the massage began

A child’s unconditional love

Standing close there was no way Jess was moving, no way was she leaving her mum. Even though her grandmother had tried a few times to get her to. Encouraging her with, let us get a hot chocolate; cake; sweets.

Refusing to Move

Therefore, Jess stayed watching soaking up like a sponge what she saw. Watching me so intently. I knew she just wanted to copy me and massage her mum. Because all the time Jess was moving in sync with me. Swaying and copying every move. I quietly whispered and asked Julie if she would mind if Jess joined in. The answer was of course Jess could,

“I would love it if she did.”

The little one’s eyes lit up, off came her coat and Jess rolled up her sleeves. We started with oiling Jess’s arms. Then the ‘No Hands Massage’ Dance with Julie’s tissues started. Working together, Jess mirrored every move. Closing her eyes and tilted her head to listen to her mum’s body and the messages she was receiving. She knew naturally how to hear these messages. Working together in complete unison, and time was no longer an issue

The Power of Touch

With Jess’s smile getting bigger and bigger and Julie’s body getting softer and softer. Giving up tension and stress in time with the music that the three of us were hearing.

Four to Five Years Later

Four to five years passed, there at the same event helping people become aware of the power of touch. The memory of this event had dulled and was almost hidden in the depths of the brain called memories that need a jog to awaken.

A woman came up to me and asked the question

“Do you remember me?”

The lady felt familiar and the young girl next to her smiling at me did too. I said,

“Have I massaged you in the past?”

(The most likely thing to have occurred)

She answered

“No you massage my daughter!”

“I came today to see you, and, thankyou for what you did for her, for us, we will never forget your gift”.

I was confused as there was more to this story than I could ever have imagined. A lump was forming in my throat. Then she went on to tell me

“My daughter became terminally ill and has died’

I felt the red hot tears rise in my eyes, and could not help but let them fall

I realised that this was a profound moment, the story unfolded even more

“Do you remember a young woman who you let her daughter massage her with you?”

Light bulb moment this is Mary the grandmother of the family and this is the young child Jess who mirrored me so exactly.

Mary continued

“When my daughter became ill, (pointing to Jess) the gift that you gave this one was beautiful. Jess massaged her mum every day until the day she died, it brought them both so much! And helped to keep my daughter pain-free. “

By this time all three of us were crying and holding each other, I was speechless, unable to move I just clung to them as they clung to me

The beauty and the Power of Touch!

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