Baby Reflexology Training

Baby Reflexology Training

Baby Reflexology and Training special offer on Face Book
For those parents who want to be able to help relieve their babies symptoms of minor ailments

This training will show you how to work the relevant reflexes on your babies feet to relieve such ailments as colic, stomach ache, ear ache, constipation and help them to sleep

Whats included in this course
• instruction in how to map the organs onto the feet
• take a look at the minor ailments we can help and what the appropriate reflexes are to work for these ailments
• learn about relevant organs and how they relate to the minor ailment and responses to Reflexology 
• healthy snacks and drinks are supplied throughout this course

Where : in the comfort of your own home, where baby and yourself can be relaxed and at ease.
When : Pick  a few dates and let Jacqueline know when they are, then we can arrange a date that suits us both.
Cost :
£25.00 each for groups of 4 – 5 people
£20.00 each fro groups of >6 people
More Information :
This training is meant for parents or carers, to use on their own child only; it does not qualify you to practice professionally or use these techniques on anyone else’s baby.

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