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All about Jacqueline, I’m certainly proud to say I’m a mum, friend, therapist, and trainer.  I’m also a sole trader and business owner, in essence, some call it owning a job.  Nevertheless, I love what I do and enjoy working with others.

To put it another way things important to me. My Family, friends, clients and my dogs.

I also love baking, walking in the great outdoors, dancing, music, teaching and working with you!


Story Time about jacqueline

I was only two years old and I remember it like yesterday massaging my dad’s legs.  Read the story 1959 in storytime. Throughout my life, I’ve loved to massage and could always put my hands onto where someone had pain.  My tale about how I  became a therapist actually began when I started working in the Health Care sector 1983.  In 1987 I started my nurse training and that’s when the doors really started to open.  Whilst nursing I specialised in terminal care, at Hayward House, Palliative Care Unit Nottingham.  In addition to doing our nursing, Dr Corcoran encouraged us to become a therapist, helping us to pay for the courses.  After 4 years I moved into the private sector managing nursing homes, where I felt I could be most effective.

About Jacqueline, in the meantime, my training had begun

about Jacqueline Nurse Beswick
Nurse Beswick

At the same time as nursing, I qualified as a lecturer, assessor and internal verifier.  During this time I also obtained a qualification in Counselling and properly started down the road to becoming a therapist.
Firstly, I trained in Reflexology, with Nicola Hall from the Bailey School of Reflexology.  After that, I became a qualified Masseuse and Aromatherapist.
As a result of these achievements, New College Nottingham approached me to become a fulltime lecturer.  Joining the Beauty Therapy team in 1998, at The Adams Building, Nottingham Lace Market.  I became the coordinator of  Holistic Therapy and Sports Department.  I love to teach and pass on my knowledge, this new position certainly suited me well.

My journey continues

I was working as a lecturer my second best-loved job, my first being looking after others.  It was a particularly steep learning curve.  There was a lot of processes to learn and get my head around.  I developed new skills and gained a lot of new knowledge.  Putting it all into good use when I started my training centre on Sneinton Market 2002.

Jacksfeet Goes Live!

Jacksfeet Sneinton Market Peggers Pub Black and whit e photo
Sneinton Market Peggers Pub

Working for the college gave me new skills and added additional therapies to my bow.  I started dreaming about having my own centre.  After developing a plan Jacksfeet went live and opened in June 2002, Sneinton Market, Nottingham NG1 1NG.
I continued to work for NCN part-time lecturing, running courses in the community.  Working exclusively with a group of young underage mums teaching them about holistic therapies.  I also built into the courses how they could look after themselves on a small budget.  These courses ran for over two years, I worked closely with the mums.  Because this course had gone beyond all expectations, the team presented me with an award from NCN for outstanding accomplishments. 

About Jacqueline and No Hands Massage

Jacksfeet No hands Massage
No Hands Massage

I awoke one morning crying, red hot tears streaming down my face.
Afraid to look at what I knew I would see.  My dream shattered when after only 3 months I had lost the use in my right hand.  That’s all it took working full-time massaging, all the years of massaging had taken their toll.  Massage had badly damaged my hands, through repetitive strain and microfractures.  Then came the light at the end of the tunnel.   I met Gerry Pyves, the founder of No Hands Massage®.  I loved this work and stayed with Gerry for over 4 years developing my skills as a Masseus. 

About Jacqueline

Finally, after all these years of training and gathering knowledge.  I can now dance with your tissues and help you reach heights I never thought possible.  I work in a unique way fusing all of my skills into one treatment.  Making each massage a truly ‘Ultimate Experience‘. No two treatments the same, even yours each one unique, because you come with a different request. 

About Jacqueline and Maya Abdominal Therapy

about Jacqueline
Arvigo Therapy®

This story starts with me one day finding myself sitting at a  kitchen table in Twickenham. Alongside 12 other beautiful women, all with their own stories and problems. We were all there for the same reason to find out what Arvigo Therapy was and how it worked.  For a long time, I had wanted to extend my knowledge and experience in abdominal work.  Suddenly there I am about to start my journey into the world of Maya Healers.  As a result of working closely with Rosita Arvigo, I have had the privilege to access this knowlege.  I have worked my way up the ranks to become a trainer for her.  Enabling me to pass on this knowledge, I’m back teaching and massaging what more could I ask for.

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