Abdominal & Prostate Health

Welcome to the world of Abdominal & Prostate Health and the marvels of Your Abdominal Massage (YAM)

Abdominal & Prostate Health

We’re certainly going to delve into the wonders of your body and learn to support your health with a simple abdominal massage.

Firstly these workshops are for anyone who would like to live in their body with ease, for those who wish to look after themselves and a taster for those who have a professional interest.

Furthermore, no pre-requites required to attend this course. 

What will I learn on this course about Your Abdominal & Prostate Health?

As a result of this course. You’re given the tools you need to take the responsibility of your health into your own hands!

  1. Firstly Your Abdominal Massage (YAM), a very effective, simple, easy to perform on yourself massage.
  2. Secondly the importance of recognising the roots, history, and lineage of this treatment. Because RositaArvigo and Don Elijio’s story, is an important part of this work. For us, it’s an essential part of the training to honour the roots of this therapy and ensure that this work’s passed on in its entirety.
  3. Thirdly on this course we learn about the structure, and the mechanics of the Prostate, testes, other connected and neighbouring organs.
  4. What to look for when things go wrong, and more importantly what we can do to help maintain a healthy optimally functioning abdominal organs.
  5. You will also receive instruction on the tools we use in our homely remedies magic hat (castor oil packs, the perineal steam, use of the faja and more).
Abdominal & Prostate Health

Why practice this Massage

  • Early on when used daily, within days, you will feel the difference that this massage makes.
  • Especially you will notice you have more energy.
  • Subsequently, you may observe changes in your semen and more.
  • Other improvements include increased blood supply to all the organs in the abdomen hence balance of hormones.
  • The prostate responds positively to the massage, therefore helping to keep the pipes clear and healthy.

About the course

Your Abdominal & Prostate Health

Firstly the courses’ tuition time is 7½ hours long, (however you can choose how you want to learn).

Secondly no matter which type of course you choose to attend there’s plenty of time allowed for

  • Built in breaks
  • Time for questions and answers
  • Practising the abdominal massage
  • Because of the clarity in the instructions learning is made easy.
Abdominal & Prostate Health

Face to face

  • For instance the class runs from 09.00 to 17.30 (punctuality is important).
  • At a venue that is prebooked or one of your own choosing (in your own home)
  • You’ll certainly get to practice Your Abdominal Massage, several times throughout the day.
  • Also, there’s plenty of time to explore specific questions you may have.
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  1. Full day, with the class running from 09.00 to 17.30 (punctuality is important), in this case there are plenty of breaks built in.
  2. Split days
    1. First day: 4½ hours tuition time, two 15minute breaks not included
    2. Second day: 1½ hours tuition time, breaks not included
    3. Third day: 1½ hours tuition time, breaks not included
    4. Optional 4th session for catch up if you would like to do this

What do you need?

  • An open heart and mind
  • Bring a note pad and pen if you like to take notes, but if you prefer to curl up and listen, that’s a great way to enjoy the class too!
  • Because this workshop is all about being comfortable, in your own skin and surroundings. Wear what makes you feel good, especially what allows you to practice Your Abdominal Massage over your clothes.
  • Therefore, leggings and a loose T-shirt are ideal, make an effort from the waist up.
  • Online you will need food and drinks to keep yourself hydrated and alert (however not too much carbohydrate based foods).
  • But Face to face I will supply drinks and snacks throughout the day, please bring your lunch.
Abdominal & Prostate Health

What’s included in the course

  1. When you have registered a digital information pack will be made available for you
  2. Prior to the commencement of the course digital handouts on the complementary modalities will be forwarded.
  3. When you begin your journey there’s a form ‘Your Health Story’ to complete as much or as little as makes you comfortable.
  4. Please submit this form before class starts, knowing some of your story allows me to deliver and tailor the class towards your needs.

Your Abdominal & Prostate Health Details



Face to face / Online


Dates & times



Abdominal & Prostate Health

How to book

For Instance click on one of these links and go to course for details, or contact Jac direct by text

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How to Pay

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The Abdominal Therapy Collective


Jac’s trained and taught by Dr Rosita Arvigo DN, (Doctor of Naturopathy). and basically is one of The Abdominal Therapy Collective Trainers,

In addition to many other reasons that we teach these courses, one’s to help Rosita keep her promise to Don Elijio not to let his knowledge die with him.

Rosita has kept these courses steeped in ancient knowledge and practices from the Maya Traditional healing system, meanwhile integrating with modern science and knowledge.

We continue to use to pass on this knowledge from master to apprentice as similarly practised Maya traditions now and into the future. This is why it’s important we give praise and acknowledge those who went before us.

Don Elijio Panti

Don Elijio Panti

Don Elijio Panti is certainly known as the most famous Shaman to have ever lived. During his lifetime he had never taken an apprentice until he met Rosita Arvigo. It wasn’t until he had a dream one night that his apprentice was Rosita that he started to train her properly. After that Rosita studied with Don Elijio for many years until he died.

However, Don Elijio had conditions, he asked her to promise that after his death she would not let his knowledge die with him and leave his people without a healer. As a result of this and to keep her promise she has kept by training therapist all around the world, setting up the Tropical Research Foundation and school for Traditional Healers of Belize.

Miss Hortence Robinson

Miss Hortence

In addition to Don Elijio’s knowledge Miss Hortence passed on her extensive knowledge to Rosita in caring for the pregnant woman through to childbirth and post-partum care.

As a result of what you learn, you will be able to confidently perform YAM and use the Tips and tricks in our magic hat.

In Conclusion if you only do half the work, you only get half the result

Rosita Arvigo

After all this remember to tell everyone about this work and encourage them to join me on this training day. So that they too can learn how to take your health literally into your own hands

Lastly this rich workshops packed with easy to access information including techniques and instruction on how to help yourself. 

About Don Elijio
Rosita & Don Elijio’s story