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Pedicure Training
About the Course

Jacksfeet is offering you the opportunity to learn how do your own Pedicure.  To care for your own nails using natural and replenishable products even if you are a vegan nothing contains animal products. Have beautiful cared for Feet without the cost of going to the beauty salon.

Learn this simple method of caring for your hands and nails, it is a Simple 6 Stage Treatment that you can do at home.
1️⃣ Cut & file nails 2️⃣ Cuticle care 4️⃣ Foot care5️⃣ Nail care buffing 6️⃣ Applying Varnish
Where is the Course : Jacqueline holds these courses at Jacksfeet’s centre.  If you are wanting to host a course, and there is a few of you in the comfort of your own home, or a friends house I can come to you or a centre if you are part of a group
When is the Course : Jacqueline advertises the workshops on her events page and Face Book. If you are Hosting the workshop it can be arranged at a convenient time for you. The workshops are a practical based and will involve making or taking part in the exercises..
How Much is the Courses : £45.00 / person
These courses are meant for self use only and do not give you license to practice as a Therapist.
Equipment:  Perishables:
Whilst on the course Jacqueline will supply these, you can buy a kit from her with everything in it you will need

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Once you have made contact with Jacqueline and a date and time has been set up you can book on your course via, if you are a new client it will ask you for your contact details.  Jacqueline will also contact you with payment details.

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Pedicure Training





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