Hands on Health the Maya Way

Time to take our Health into our own hands by Training in ATMAT® Hands on Health the Maya Way

There are 6 one day  Arvigo® courses on offer to you from Jacksfeet ‘Hands on Health the Maya Way’.  Each day is developed to meet the individuals needs looking at specific problem areas how the Arvigo abdominal Massage aids and helps with specific organs and conditions.

All these 1 day courses are packed with information, fun and practical activities.  Learn the Arvigo® Abdominal Massage as taught by Rosita.  Learn about the Ancient Maya heritage of abdominal massage and the other Maya modalities that form part of this therapy; The Faja, Vaginal Steam, Castor oil packs and review relevant anatomy & physiology.  This is for the individual who wants to know how they can improve their health and look after themselves.

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Button to womens health posterWomens Health:
Lots of us suffer from what is referred to as ‘Women’s Problems’.  We often don’t talk about them or we use terminology that in its self creates a dislike of our bodies natural functions……………………………

Mens Health:
‘A right pain in the arse’ 50% of men suffer from prostatitis at some time in their lives!  It can lead to more serious disease and conditions developing, lets take a look at how Arvigo work can help……………………………………

Digestive Health and wellness:
This Course is for you both men and women, due to our ever changing life styles and the stress that we put on ourselves more and more people are suffering from digestive problems………………

Mindful Menopause :
Some women often feel they are not supported at this time Hormones all over the place, emotional roller coaster, discomfort, tears, anger, weight gain, lets see how this work can help……………………………..

Supporting Fertility :
For fertilisation & implantation to take place is a miracle.  Both partners need to have a healthy reproductive system, they have to be in a good head space, happy and well supported.  It takes 3 months for the womb to produce a healthy egg and for sperm to be at the top of their game………………………….

Experiential day :
Lets get stuck in and experience the Arvigo® modalities.  Lets have a day really learning through experience, try each of the modalities in the comfort.  Learn the Arvigo® Maya abdominal massage; try out wearing a Faja and see the difference it makes; detox your liver with a Castor Oil pack; steam your Uterus or Perineum………………………


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ATMAT® Prices

How Much is the Courses : £60.00 / person for tuition + $20.00 non refundable registration fee that covers registration & a tithe to support the Ix Chel Tropical Research Foundation and the Traditional Healers of Belize. 
Once you have registered Jacqueline will contact you about making payment for the tuition Fee and how you can pay.  Also give you all other information that you need.

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ATMAT® Treatments

How to Register : Once you have decided where and when, on either a prearranged course or one organised at a time and place of your choosing the next step is to register. Go online a www.arvigotherapy.com
♻ Choose Hands on Health & United Kingdom click apply
♻Choose Jacqueline’s advertisement by clicking on date
♻Fill in registration form, and pay your $20.00 registration fee

For more information and to contact Jacqueline fill in and submit the Application form

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