Terms and Conditions

Jacksfeet’s Terms and Conditions. The general terms and conditions (T&Cs) set out here encompases the contract, arrangements, provisions, requirements, rules and specifications of every transaction that I Jacqueline Beswick of Jacksfeet makes with you. These terms apply whether it’s the purchase of a treatment, training or goods I sell to you. I’ll ensure they will meet the highest standard I can reach and make possible for you.

Jacksfeet Terms and Conditions for our Services and Standards

SUPPLIER, Jacqueline Beswick of Jacksfeet, jac@jacksfeet.uk 07973 614 555

High Dale House, Sedbusk, Hawes, North Yorkshire, DL8 3PX, England

Please read these terms and conditions, if you’re not sure about anything please contact me on 07973 614 555

These terms and conditions cover all Goods we sell to you. If you order, buy or apply for a service or product you’re agreeing to and bound to these terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

Interpretation 1

  1. CONSUMER, an individual client and or a corporate company I have a contract with to supply treatments to their clients/employees.
  2. CONTRACT. A legally binding agreement between yourself and Jacksfeet for us to supply you with the services that I offer. When you book to have a treatment or to attend one of our courses it becomes a contract.
  3. DELIVERY LOCATION, this covers any premise where I deliver to you my services. For example Jacksfeets premises and other places of work, at events, in your workplace and your own home.
  4. GOODS means anything we supply you with our services or products you have ordered to purchase from us, online or in person. For instance oils, toe protectors, herbs for steams, faja etc.
  5. ORDER means your order which includes the booking for the services, or products from us as set out at the time of booking or during treatment.
  6. SERVICES means all of our listed therapies, and training we offer, also including the goods of the number and description as set out in your order.

Services 2 inline with our Terms and Conditions

Description of Services 2.1

  1. We have described our services on our website, online booking system, Facebook, and Ticket source. Also, other online platforms where we advertise for example Linked In, Twitter, and What’s App, include paper advertising, pamphlets, handouts, flyers and posters.
    1. Therapies, the description of individual therapies gives you an idea of what to expect during the treatment.
      1. However, the treatment you receive may differ slightly because of customisation to your needs and expectations.
      2. Each treatment I perform is as individual as you are from another person
    2. Training, the written information about the course, outlines the course structure.
    3. All the curriculums covered, questions and requests may cause changes to the presentation.
    4. Products, the size and colour of products colour and size of the bottle, and labels may be different depending on where I have sourced the products. The quality of the product will remain the same

Correct Information 2.2

  1. In the case of services and goods supplied to you where you have specified a requirement, it’s your responsibility to ensure you have given me the correct information.
    1. It’s paramount that you give me correct information about medical conditions, medications, ailments, and allergies. To ensure that you receive the correct treatment, training and components of that treatment and Training.
    2. In the case of making a product, for example, an aromatherapy blend, I must know all the above as oils can have a concern regarding different conditions ie. epilepsy, or diabetes.

Services Availability 2.3

  1. All services are subject to availability
    1. On Jacksfeet premises all services are available
    2. At events, not all services are available, because of having, for example, no electricity, or privacy, inappropriate for the event.
    3. In your workplace/home, it’s not possible to perform some services,
    4. Immediate availability of some products isn’t always possible you may have to order them.
    5. If I have concerns that a treatment or product isn’t suitable or risk of allergy, contra effect I can refuse to perform the treatment.

Changes to Services 2.4

  1. Changes to services
    1. Treatments and training occasionally can occur, if it should happen I will inform you of the changes.
    2. Products can occur if I change suppliers, I will inform you of any such changes
    3. Sometimes we have to make changes due to changes in the governing body’s rules and regulations, and health and safety issues that we have to comply with. I will keep you up to date if and when these changes occur.

Customer Responsibilities 3 according to Terms and Conditions

  1. Corporates
    1. You must provide us with essential information about your service users and staff.
    2. We must have access to your premises to deliver our services
    3. You must obtain relevant permission, licenses, and consents for us.
  2. Single clients small groups
    1. Events the host must allow us access to the premises to perform our services.
    2. The individual at the event must produce the correct information and permission for us to give them treatments.
  3. If you do not comply with the above statements and resolve the problem I will suspend my services. If necessary I will terminate the contract with immediate effect and submit this in writing

Basis of Sale 4

  1. To sell a service, treatment, training or product you must meet the criteria for that service.
  2. Only when I have agreed to the contract between us then become obligated to sell to you
  3. Without my agreement, If you have booked a treatment, on a course or ordered products, I can refuse to fulfil this request.
    1. When there’s a contra-indication
    2. I have any concerns about performing the treatment or you using the product
    3. Where medication, medical conditions or operation involvement
  4. Once you have booked a treatment or on a course this becomes a binding contract between us.
  5. Any estimate given to you for contracted treatments, or products may not be the total of the end price.
    1. If I do more treatments or you purchase more products than estimated. The Total amount owed will differ from the estimated price

Time Keeping 6

Keeping an appointment 6.1

  1. We expect you to arrive on time for your appointments.
  2. Late for an appointment, we deduct the amount from your allocated time.
  3. Full price charged for treatment
  4. If you arrive early you may need to wait, especially if Jac is with another client and it’s still in previous clients time.
  5. Jac will always make sure she is ready for your appointment when you arrive and if she’s free you will not have to wait to access the treatment room.

Training Times 6.2

  1. The teacher will always be ready early, and waiting for your arrival
  2. Also, appreciate you arriving 5 to 10 minutes early
  3. Please inform the lecturer if you are going to be late before the lesson commences.
  4. If you are late the lesson will finish at the allocated time

Home Visits 6.3

  1. When Jac arrives she expects you to be ready for her to give you your treatment
    1. Please leave any jobs, errands or other activities, until after your treatment
    2. When kept waiting, this then’s deducted from your treatment time.
    3. Again shortened treatment charge at full price.
  2. Jac will arrive on time to your house, I may be a few minutes early to allow for a hold-up due to traffic
    1. Set up time not included in your treatment time.

Late arrival 6.4

  1. On the occasion of being late due to a hold-up in traffic, Jac will contact you to let you know where she is.
    1. If held up and going to be late we can rearrange the appointment
      1. Late arrival you will receive a full treatment.
      2. This period not deducted from your treatment

Cancellation 7 Terms and conditions of cancellation

Courses 7.1.1

  1. First, to make sure you receive fair treatment! Any decision made regarding your request to cancel and ask for a refund? Jacksfeet deals with without prejudice or preferences.
  2. All our courses have a non-refundable deposit
    1. This covers all costs incurred during your registration for the course.
  3. In all circumstances, we offer a place on another course that is taking place at a later date, without further cost to you.
  4. Deposit and any payments made to us we carried over, without further charges

Course Cancellation 7.1.2

When you cancel your place on one of our courses. Assessment of every case treated individually and descision made on circumstances

  1. If you can’t attend a course please let us know as soon as possible at least one week before the course runs,
  2. In the case of an emergency, we appreciate at least 24 hours notice

Refunds 7.1.3

  1. Any, payments made to us, we deduct the non-refundable deposit.
  2. Also, the amount refunded will depend on how you made your payment
    1. We will also deduct any cost incurred i.e. booking companies, ticket source, PayPal
    2. As soon we receive the money into our account, the monies transferred back to you. 
      • I will need your bank details Account number and sort code.
    3. Please send proof of the receipt of the payment ie. a screenshot of your bank statement.
    4. Bank Transfer – we refund of full amount minus the deposit, and bank charges.
    5. Cheque -The full amount is refunded once cleared, minus the deposit and any other charges incurred.
    6. Online Booking payments – ie. Eventbrite | PayPal | Fresha partners | Facebook. We deduct booking charges, non-refundable deposits, and bank charges from your payment. 
    7. Therefore I will refund your money once I have received your payment from the booking provider, and refund your money directly back to you.
    8. If unavoidable circumstances occur and a student unable to complete a course, part refund may be granted

Treatments 7.2

  1. Preferably please give a minimum of 24hours notice of cancellation
  2. We will arrange another appointment for you at a time of your choice
  3. Our policy is to charge you a cancellation fee. Therefore we look at the reason and individual circumstances before deciding on this.
  4. You may not insure a cancellation fee

Procedure for Cancelling 7.3

  1. As soon as you know you need to cancel your treatment, inform Jacqueline straight away on 07973 614 555.
  2. I will contact you and offer you an alternative date. Or – 
  3. If you would prefer a refund, we do not refund payments if cancelled in less than 24 hours. Due to circumstances, we may give you a refund part r in full.
  4. The amount refunded will not include: any costs we have incurred ie bank or booking charges

Pricing 8

  1. We keep our prices competitive and affordable. Also at events and on special occasions, we run discounted treatments.
  2. Price review: takes place yearly and any adjustments made at the beginning of the next financial year
  3. At least one month’s notice then given about any increase in prices

Payments 9

Payment Type

  • Cash, Jacksfeet takes cash for all treatments, training, products and services
  • Bank transfer, a preferred form of payment, no charges incurred
  • Card, we use Sum up card machine and App to take payments, at the moment we don’t have a premium charge on this method
  • PayPal, presently pay using this format incurs no charges when payments paid as a friend.
  • Fresha, Jacksfeet booking system

Obligation 10

  1. Once you have booked a service Jacksfeet promises to fulfil our part and deliver the service you have requested unless:
  2. Contraindicated concerns then an alternative offered and delivered.
    1. A booking for a service or training is an informal contract between us. Therefore both parties uphold and attend the treatment/course.
    2. I must deliver a treatment or training you have paid for.
    3. Therefore, you must pay for the treatment, or training you have received

Intellectual Property 11

Copyright 11.1

Jac is the author of all information and coursework found on this website. Therefore Jac is the owner of the copyright of her work. No one else has produced for any other person/s or company. Consequently, any reproduction of articles or training information as your own is illegal.

Moral rights 11.2

  1. Moral rights give Jac two things:
    1. Full rights given and identified to Jac as the author, of all her work
    2. Also, to use my work in a way that negatively affects my reputation as the author is illegal.
    3. and no one can overlook my moral right to own copyright to my work

Trademarks 11.3

  1. The trademark ‘Jacksfeet’ is Jac’s company therefore no other individual or company can use this name as themselves.
  2. Jacksfeet’s logo is Jac’s design
    1. They’re all my own work therefore the copyright belongs to me
    2. or used negatively in any way that affects my reputation by others

4. Patents

I have no products or services that need or require patents.

5. Trade secrets

I do not manufacture any products that are a trade secret

Confidentiality 12

  1. All information you give to your therapist is confidential and will not be shared with a third-party person or company.
  2. Your problems and condition will never be discussed with another therapist or healthcare professional without your permission.
  3. We will never contact your GP, consultant or other healthcare professional without your permission.

Warranties 13

Products 13.1

  1. Our promise to you any product you purchase from us will be in excellent condition and not damaged
  2. The sell-buy date will be valid.
  3. Bottles and packages are sealed.

Services 13.2

  1. Services are always delivered to the highest degree possible that the therapist can give

Refunds 13.3

  1. Oils and perishables
    1. Refunds or exchanges will be made only if the product has not been opened, or damaged by you
    2. When you purchase an unsuitable product for a particular purpose, without asking for advice
      • it will not be refunded or exchanged if you have opened it.
      • If a product
  2. Treatments and services
    1. The therapist has full rights to deny giving treatments if they deem it inappropriate
      • you will be fully refunded only if there’s no other therapy available to you
      • If you refuse all other therapies that are available to you
    2. Should you misinform or withhold important information from your therapist neither Jacksfeet nor its therapist are held liable. Therefore no refunds are made if you have an adverse reaction.
  3. Training
    1. If you do not turn up for training, you will not be refunded
      • you will be offered to do the course on a later date if absence is for a good reason.
      • If you leave a course early there is no refund

Data Protection 14

  1. The information we store about our clients:
    1. Your name
    2. Address only when needed for home visits
    3. Your telephone number and email address,
      • for personal contact purposes only
      • in case need to contact you in an emergency
  2. Medication
    1. In case: we are going to use aromatherapy to ensure your safety, so we can avoid contra-indicated oils
  3. Allergies
    1. Again in case of reaction with essential oils and other products
  4. Only, pertinent medical or relevant medical history
  5. We do not send out unsolicited marketing emails
  6. Also, we never share any information with third parties
  7. Any written information is kept in a locked drawer and access is not allowed to any third parties.

Liability 15 Jacksfeet and client terms and conditions

Because you have booked a treatment and freely given your information you are giving your permission for the therapist to work with you. Also, because you attend your appointment you do not hold them, responsible for any side effects you may experience.

Please understand that the therapists

  1. Does not diagnose medical illness, disease or other physical or mental conditions 
  2. Interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.
  3. That the treatment does not take the place of medical care
  4. Does not perform any spinal manipulations
  5. May recommend that I see a licensed physician or health care professional for any physical, psychological, or emotional ailment I may have.
  6. The therapist may make suggestions on how health issues can be further helped, using their knowledge, but not go above and beyond their scope of practice
  7. The aim of the treatment is for complete relaxation which is often beneficial to the body in aiding healing


  1. Booking a treatment or training, between us becomes a contract between Jacksfeet and clients/students
  2. The Contract naturally terminates when you have received your treatment or completed training with Jacksfeet.
  3. The contract ended by agreement.
    • A contract can end when both parties agree to end the contract before the work is complete. For example, a course of six treatments stops after three.
    • A student can no longer attend training due to unexpected and unavoidable circumstances.
  4. When either party breaches the agreement, the other party can legally terminate the agreement.
    • The client arrives much too late for booked treatment, the therapist can refuse to treat. The deposit will not be refunded
      • The client can rebook at another time,
  5. If either party wishes to terminate the contract, they must issue a contract termination letter and give notice of the termination at least a week in advance
    1. If Jacksfeet terminates the contract any money exchanged will be refunded
    2. If the client terminates the contract the nonrefundable deposits not refunded.

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