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Reflexology for babies:  is a great way to help with those problems we all encompass when our babies are newly born, right through to toddlers.  Reflexology is a non invasive therapy and babies love to be touched – especially their feet, so it’s a great way to help support the optimum function of their little bodies.  Reflexology will help you and  your baby through those troublesome times like – not sleeping; constipation; cholic; head colds; teething and other problems.  It helps with bonding relaxation for you both baby and parent.
This one day course will help new mums and dads to combat these ailments using a natural non invasive gentle treatment of baby Reflexology.
This training is meant for parents only, you will not be qualified to show anyone else or work on another persons baby.
The course : covers common complaints that our babies suffer from and how gently working the Reflexes of the feet can help with these
Where is the Course : in the comfort of your own home, or a friends house if there is a few of you.  I can come to a centre if its is a mothers group
When is the Course : Jacqueline runs these courses at Jacksfeet.  If you want to host one Jacqueline will organise it at a convenient time for you, you and baby will need to attend as it is a practical based course.
How Much is the Course :
£25.00 / person 4 – 5 people each
£20.00 / person > 6 people each

Other benefits of Reflexology for all: Helping to support health – there is research to back this up, it has been seen to: increase blood flow to kidneys and intestines; increase in T cells of the immune system; induces relaxation; reduces pain; helps in Diabetes; lowers blood pressure; helps with incontinence and tingling especially for MS patients; reduces PMT symptoms.

Baby Reflexology

Once you have made contact with Jacqueline and a date and time has been set up you can book on your course via, if you are a new client it will ask you for your contact details.  Jacqueline will also contact you with payment details.

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