10 Minute Facial

Training in the 10 minute Facial
This work shop will  cover Jacksfeet’s 7 stages of a facial
1️⃣ Skin analysis –
2️⃣ Cleanse –
3️⃣ Scrub –
4️⃣ Mask –
5️⃣ Tone –
6️⃣ Massage –
7️⃣ Moisturise
In this workshop you will learn how to care for your skin using all natural and replenish able products.
It will also give you the 5 minute cleanse routine that you can use every day twice a day to improve your facial skins – texture; tone; condition and help relieve any problems.
Its called the 10 minute facial because when just cleansing the skin it only takes 5 minutes once you include the scrub and mask the routine can be done in just 10 minutes, although better results can be achieved if you have the time to leave the mask in situ for 15 – 20 minutes.

Where is the Course : in the comfort of your own home, or a friends house if there is a few of you.  I can come to a centre if you are part of a group
When is the Course : At a convenient time for you, it is a practical based course.
How Much is the Course : £45.00 / person

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