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One day I heard the shop bell tinkle, tinkle, announcing the arrival of someone. I had no booking for that time which meant an unexpected visitor, in the doorway stood a very frail badly bent elderly lady who for these purposes we are going to call Sarah.

To my surprise Sarah said to me ‘my son’s sent me, he says you can sort me out’. Sarah said she couldn’t stop but wanted to book an appointment a week for as long as it took, we booked Sarah in for an appointment and away she went.
The day and time came for Sarah’s appointment the door opened and in she came dead on the dot, we went into the treatment room where she just stripped off and said ‘look at me its not right is it, my belly button shouldn’t be here somethings wrong, my lad says you can fix it and get me right I believe you can!’ Now here was a dilemma for me because I wanted to believe that I could help but how, why was Sarah’s belly button not where it should be? Where was Sarah’s belly button your asking? Well it was not midline of her abdomen but twisted all they way over to the right hand side of her abdomen half way between where it should be and the actual side of her body at least 6 inches (10 cm) from where it should be.

I so wanted to help Sarah, I wanted to believe that I could help her as much as she believed I could, she was suffering from back pain and not sleeping very well. ‘My son has told me I have got to get a new bed as mine is years old’, Sarah asked me if I thought it could be her bed that is causing the problem? I answered her honestly that I thought it would not be helping as we need a good mattress to support our backs and because her bed was a very old divan it would be best to buy a totally new bed, not just a mattress.

When Sarah turned around I could have cried this little frail hard working lady of 70 who was still holding down a full time job as a waitress had scoliosis of the spine not just one curve but three – neck and thorax, thorax and lumbar and lumbar and sacrum, ‘you can sort this out can’t you?’ Sarah asked, I knew I had to be truthful and I didn’t know how much help I would be, I did know that massage would help with the sleeping and the pain but correcting such deformity I doubted it could rectify this amount. I had to believe that it would help even if the massage helped to slightly improve Sarah’s posture and relieve her stiffness and pain – that would help.
The first massage was very gentle, a lot of gentle rocking and light effleurage, especially wringing of the lumbar region, taking care not to do more harm or go beyond Sarah’s body movement boundary’s. I listened very carefully to Sarah’s body only going to where I could feel tension and resistance. As time went on I could feel the tight muscles softening and imagined in my mind them lengthening and unknotting, becoming smooth.

Every week Sarah would turn up on the dot, never early or late, always on time, after coming for a few weeks she was very animated and excited one day because her new bed was being delivered that day and she couldn’t wait to get home to make sure she was there when it was delivered. She had redecorated her room ready for its arrival new carpet, curtains and everything.
Sarah was reporting that she was in less pain and was sleeping better as her body felt more at ease, freer, Sarah felt that she was walking better and more up right, Sarah certainly looked straighter less bent than the first time I saw her when she came in, although the scoliosis was still there and her belly button hadn’t moved any.

As the weeks past and became months Sarah’s back continued to improve, the thorax lumbar was the first to straighten and lengthen, it was like magic watching it uncurl, however still the belly button was out of alignment. Sarah felt so well and was so pleased with the progress that she didn’t want to stop coming.
One day I realised that the neck and thorax was straight these were such small adjustments that were taking place that it was if all of a sudden there it was a straighter spine. Sarah was taller and straighter she no longer was bent over to the right twisted and in pain.

A year passed, the only weeks Sarah had missed coming were when I had been on holiday, I shall never forget the day the Sarah walked in on the dot as was her custom, in the treatment room she stripped off and said ‘look Jack, look at my belly’ Yes there it was the amazing belly button back where it should be dead centre and perfect. Sarah was straight and there was only a very slight imperfection of the lumbar sacral spine, a case of the Ultimate Massage Experience………..

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