Story Time as told by Jacqueline

Story Time

Story time is an account of things that are meaningful and have happened to me throughout my life.  Story telling is one of my favourite pastimes, the feelings and emotions that I feel whilst revisiting them, to read a story click on the thumb nail next to it.  I’d love you to read on……..



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It was a dark, cold winters night, the snow laid thick on the ground even the road was white with snow…………….



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Sharing the power of touch.  Many years ago I was exhibiting at a mind body spirit festival, a young woman  came up to me, with her was her daughter of 4 years old and her mother …………


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The Bell

One day I heard the shop bell tinkle, tinkle, announcing the arrival of someone. I had no booking for that time which meant an unexpected visitor, in the doorway stood a very frail badly bent elderly lady………….


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No Hands Massage

I awoke one morning crying, red hot tears streaming down my face and afraid to look at what I new I was going to see.  In 2002 I totally retrained with  Gerry Pyves, the founder of No Hands Massage…………………


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